James Charles Kicked Out Of Met Gala

You may not know who James Charles is, so I’ll tell you a little bit about him. he’s a well-known celebrity makeup artist who has made a fortune thanks to social media and YouTube. Influencers are the new “famous people,” and he’s one of them.

This is a group of people who use social media to spread the word about a product or service in an effort to encourage others to follow them or buy it.

James Charles Kicked Out Of Met Gala

You may be wondering what the Met Gala is. Attendees include A-list celebrities who are raising money for the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. There was a total of $15 million raised this year. According to rumours, it’s one of the most difficult events to get into, organised by Vogue. On top of that, there’s a waiting list.

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So Why was James Charles in the Building?

He was surprised to learn that he had been invited. He is well-versed in the nuances of being in the company of A-listers. He was the company’s first male spokesperson. However, he’s not really known for that.

Known as an influencer Consequently, everyone was enraged, even myself. When I attend a high-fashion event like the Met Gala, I’m mostly interested in the clothes. James Charles isn’t really a high-end brand, in my opinion.

Charles tweeted “Oh yeah I’m at the Met Gala:’)” later that night. In response to user comments such as “oh yeah, go home,” and “Your dress is so embarrassing,”

This was his first ever met gala, and he thanked both YouTube and Alexander Wangny for inviting him and clothing him accordingly. Attending an event of this stature, like the ball, is an honour and a step in the right direction for influencer representation in the media, which is why I am so thrilled to be a part of it. “Video is on the way! Look for it tomorrow!”

This was the Point at which the Rage Really Began to Fester.

“Oh, right. According to Fran Tirado, the editor of Out magazine, “influencers” are a historically disadvantaged and disenfranchised class.

I was astounded that he believed he was an unrepresented voice in the media. To have some YouTuber pity on himself was a slap in the face to others who had worked hard in the fashion industry and built up their careers to even be considered twice for the invitation list of the Met Gala.

It’s also worth mentioning the completely out of character attire that he chose for such a formal occasion.

Camp was the subject for this year’s Met Gala, which has a new theme each year. To compare his Met gala suit to his Coachella ensemble is absurd. Coachella is a completely different experience than the Met Gala.

Charles’ backlash was so severe that it spawned a series of further catastrophes. Tati Westbrook, a previous mentor of Charles, has shared a video on her YouTube channel. During the approximately 40-minute video, she rants on and on about Charles’ entire career and the reason why he is now “cancelled.”

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Last Words

Charles lost approximately three million YouTube subscribers as a result of the video’s release, which is a significant loss for someone whose entire existence revolves around the platform.