Is Orange is The New Black Coming Back

First, I have a really basic question. Who among you has considered a life behind bars? We often yell to let the world know that those who do wrong should be held to the strictest of standards and punished severely. Do any of us ever think about what comes next?

Is Orange is The New Black Coming Back

Everyone should watch Orange Is the New Black Season 8. The purpose of Orange Is the New Black is to provoke thought, and it succeeds well at doing so. Many stereotypes about incarcerated people have been carefully fostered by us.

Is Orange is The New Black Coming Back

If the bottom eat the bottom, we sneer at them. Since the law can only be enforced by the courts, and the formal process concludes with a court judgement, what happens now? The normal person has a hard time fathoming how international bodies can ignore such heinous violations of human rights as torture and violence.

The inability to bring perpetrators of such crimes to justice is further highlighted by this lack of accountability. These people no longer qualify as people; they are nameless and faceless. As the case winds down in court, the real fight begins on the streets.

Meanwhile, all that can be found there is a prison. Netflix claims that 105 million people have seen the show. In order to find out more about the critically acclaimed and financially successful series, you may visit this page. Find out in the following why this drama has quickly risen to the top of the ratings!

Describe the Plot of Orange Is the New Black.

The story of a woman who spends 15 months in an all-female prison, as told in Piper Kerman’s memoirs, serves as the inspiration for this series. The show centres on the inmates at Litchfield Penitentiary and their experiences there.

Piper Chapman, a young lady serving time for a nonviolent offence, narrates the story. For the first time in years, she was certain in her choice; nevertheless, once she set foot within the prison’s forbidding grey walls, she immediately began to second-guess herself.

As the story develops, we gain a clearer idea of how difficult life in jail may be. Of course, this is not the only factor in why criminals are given special treatment. But it’s still a big one for a number of reasons, which I’ll go over shortly.

They are absolutely revolting and should be slaughtered and eaten by dogs. These people are What these criminals are subjected to in terms of rehabilitation is profoundly upsetting. This prison is the last resort, thus inmates are subjected to all manner of mistreatment and violence with little chance of escape.

The importance of emphasising the show’s title cannot be overstated. The term “black” is used to describe people of African descent who live in the United States (worldwide). Think about how a black inmate feels after serving time.

All Seven Episodes of Orange Is The New Black will Be Available for Viewing.

All of Orange Is the New Black’s actors and actresses have been fantastic. Because of the ensemble’s diversity, we may hear new perspectives on the system of oppression and discrimination they face on a daily basis.


To the best of anyone’s knowledge, it’s the only show on television that comes close to accurately depicting life as it actually is. In life, there is no final destination that must be attained immediately.

Regardless of what may happen, the show’s central message is that life must go on. Hope is the strongest motivator because it helps you to persevere even while you’re locked up.

Even though life can be surprising at times, it’s interesting to watch unfold.