Is Dove Cameron Dating A Girl

Dove Cameron’s Boyfriend? For several years, Dove Cameron has been a household name. With her dual role as Liv on the popular Disney series Liv and Maddie, she became widely known in 2013. One of her co-stars, Ryan McCartan, was the first famous person she dated.

During production of the musical, the two began dating. Before the show had began, the couple of Disney stars announced their engagement. Together, in 2016, they formed a band under the name The Girl and the Dreamcatcher.

McCartan popped the question to Cameron that same year. The couple broke up sadly around the six-month mark following their engagement. Read on to learn more about Cameron’s dating history.

Is Dove Cameron Dating A Girl

Just who is Dove Cameron’s Secret Boyfriend?

The 26-year-old actress is currently single, yet she has a number of romances in her past, all of which began around 2013.

Cameron started dating Ryan McCartan, her co-star on Liv and Maddie, in 2013. Even after being engaged, the couple ended up breaking up in October of 2016.

Later on, there were speculations that she was dating Kiersey Clemons as well, although neither actor ever addressed the speculation.

After dating for four years, Cameron and her Descendants co-star Thomas Doherty broke up in late 2016.

When Cameron confirmed the breakup on Twitter, she said, “The decision was really painful, but we still have a love for each other and will remain friends.”

On April 6th, Dove shared a photo of herself cuddling up to actress Veronica St. Clair, which has led to much speculation about the two of them being an item. A caption reading “My girl, my world” was added. From the other side of the Pacific Ocean, happy birthday! The two of us, forever.

Holding hands and nodding their heads together, the pair can be spotted at a busy transportation hub.

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In 2022, Who, if Anyone, is Dove Cameron Dating?

It appeared that Dove was unmarried at the time this was written. There is no evidence of a boyfriend or girlfriend on her Instagram, and the actress has not been vocal about being in a relationship as of late.

A fan theory was sparked after Dove shared a photo of herself and fellow actress Veronica St. Clair cuddling online. There is a scene in the film where Dove and Veronica are holding hands in what appears to be an airport terminal.

“My girl, my world,” the celebrity captioned the sweet photo. Happy birthday from eight thousand miles away! Together, forever Some people, as could be expected, saw this as a sign that Dove and Veronica are dating, although in reality they are just good friends.

So, Are They Really Dating?

Due to the closeness they appeared to have in the stunning birthday message, speculation has arisen that the two are dating.

They are just pals and nothing more. Having a best friend is like having a sibling or a soulmate.

The two reportedly met in the entertainment industry and hit it off, becoming fast friends.

Check out their Instagram pages to see the evidence of their long friendship.

The Fans Adore Dove And Clair’s Friendship.

Tweets from fans demonstrate how much they adore Dove and Veronica’s friendship. The social media platform Twitter was inundated with posts from devoted admirers.

A supporter of Veronica wrote, “May God bless you and your family on this, your special day.” It’s hard to think that over the years, we’ve been able to see a relationship as precious as Dove’s soulmate friendship.

Someone else said, “no, but who needs a lover when you had veronica hyping you up like this?” Somebody tweeted: “Veronica’s face on your pillow… so this is love?? @DoveCameron.”

Some of the fans’ responses to their friendship were as follows. We hope that one day soon Dove and Veronica will be featured in a major motion picture.

Her Relationships

  • It’s official: Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan are now engaged (2016).
  • Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty have been dating for some time (2016 – 2020).

Ryan McCartan And Dove Cameron’s Breakup Explanation.

According to a tweet McCartan posted in 2016, Dove was the one who suggested he and Cameron call it quits, ending their romance the previous year.

As much as time has passed, our feelings for one another have not diminished. McCartan tweeted, “Please be compassionate because this hurts.”

Over on Twitter, Cameron expressed her gratitude to her followers for their support at “this very intense and human period” following the couple’s split. I have a deep and abiding love for Ryan. Sayings like, “Life is beautiful and lengthy” are common.

For Cameron, her romance with McCartan marked the first time she felt truly close to another person, as she said to Seventeen. Her “first ever real romance,” as she put it. As she described it, McCartan “put it in her ear” that she had to have a “beautiful” appearance at all times.

Cameron and actress Kiersey Clemons sparked dating speculations in 2017 after they were pictured together in a Snapchat photo. Kissing and holding hands were also spotted at the same event between the two of them. None of the parties involved would confirm or deny rumours of a romance.

Exactly What Happened to Cause Thomas Doherty And Dove Cameron to Call it Quits?

That same year, the Disney star met Thomas Doherty on the set of Descendants 2. In one interview, Dove confirmed their relationship but stated they planned to keep it low key.

Dove spoke highly of him and their relationship throughout their time together. She declared to Entertainment Tonight that year, “If I’m going to marry anyone, I think it’s going to be him.”

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They split up in 2020, after being together for nearly four years. On Twitter, she greeted everyone by saying, “Hi, everyone.”

In October, @thomasadoherty and I ended our friendship. It was a tough decision, but we’re still friends and will always love one other. We appreciate your silence at this time.