I Was Born A Dog I Identify As A Dog

Anyone who has spent more than five minutes on TikTok will be able to attest to the platform’s constant influx of fresh fashions. TikTok users are constantly coming up with new methods to amuse themselves and others, whether it is through challenges, humorous memes, or popular trends. It adds to the platform’s allure.

The “I was born a dog” trend is one of the newest crazes to take TikTok by storm. This unabashedly wholesome fad makes use of the audio from the “I’m just a baby” video that went popular previously. Let’s just say that #dogtok users were eager to point out that everyone’s pets are actually simply newborns.

I Was Born A Dog I Identify As A Dog

How did the “I was Born a Dog” TikTok Craze Start?


I just gave birth using the hashtags “#goldenretriever,” “dogs of Tiktok,” and “beautiful dogs.”

I was a dog from birth, Rott n chugs

The trend is quite basic. Users of TikTok post video collections of their adorably cute dogs set to the song “I was born a dog. I see myself as a dog. But my mother says I’m still a baby. The final phrase features sounds from the wildly popular “I’m just a baby” TikTok video that went viral in February 2022.


Does she stammer? parenting, children, and kids of Tik Tok

Jordan’s Original Sound

The popular TikTok user @little.blooming.women created the video and soundtrack that have amassed over 81.7 million views and 11.6 million likes. A woman is attempting to teach her daughter in the video to listen to her when she is being asked to do something. We all exclaim in unison, “Aww!” as the young girl replies simply, “I’m only a baby.”

Dog owners were quick to download the hilarious and comforting audio, undoubtedly eager to remind everyone that even when our furry friends ignore us, they are still simply infants just like human babies.


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I was a Dog From Birth, Rott n Chugs

On TikTok, the trend has taken off like wildfire, with a number of videos receiving millions of views. Similar to TikTok, the craze is currently popular on Instagram, where canines have their own pages and are keen to remind people that they are still canines even though their mothers see them as babies.


Golden Retriever #dogsofttiktok #foryou I’m just a baby.

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Last Words

This theme is particularly sweet and healthy because of something about dogs’ innocence and purity. So, the “I was born a dog” TikTok fad is your best bet if you’re seeking for fresh content and a nice chuckle. It will undoubtedly make you smile.