I Lived The #Vanlife. It Wasn’t Pretty

It was planned that I would leave my home once more in February. This time, I would spend a week in California living in a modified mobile home and pursuing the #VanLife aesthetic ideal.

Although historically living in a car or van has been a step adopted as a last choice, in the absence of other measures to protect yourself from the weather, it has become a desire among a segment of Millennials and Zoomers.

I Lived The #Vanlife. It Wasn't Pretty

Place to Sleep

Since cars are “not designated or regularly utilised as a typical place to sleep,” according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, anyone residing in one is considered to be homeless. being without a house.

However, it is common to use some specially designed cars (like the VR, for example) as a regular place to sleep.

As a result, the HUD also indicates that the decision of whether or not to classify a person living in a vehicle as “unprotected” rests in part with the accountant. For this week, I would therefore encourage myself to dress in full armour.

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Before the Idea of #VanLife Died

Unless I missed everything by being overly exuberant, I was on the verge of starting another journey that would have been more appropriate for someone who lacks direction and is frightened to drive. Before the idea of #VanLife died, my editor gave me the idea of a “Other Concept”: I would check into a hotel that was designed like a guitar and write about it.

If you have any projects centred on staying at a hotel, please send them my way! I responded by email. But in my editor’s mind, the Guitar Hotel at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, required some form of explainable rationale for a writer’s scale: an expedition box to learn the significance of the hotel’s guitar-shaped symbolism through reports. An illustration. His perspective covered ideas like “American dynamism” and “the demise of the guitar.” He used the word “hegemony” in his sentence.

My Editor’s Email Continued, Switching to Latin, “For instance.” “Etc. “

Can’t a person simply check into a hotel, have some downtime, and receive minimal information for work? I responded, putting a stop to the conversation. I was really excited to arrive at this hotel and see how much it resembled a (big) guitar.

My editor responded, thinking that any further conversation would end in his own hands, “Maybe the Guitar Hotel wouldn’t suit you.” Instead, we came to the conclusion—without any supporting data—that it would be in my best interests to spend a week driving a van around California.

My Natural Appearance

I immersed myself in the corners of Instagram and TikTok’s #VanLife to get ready for this endeavour while maintaining my natural appearance. Canyons at sunrise, oceans at dusk, and roads that go on forever without cars are just a few of the breathtaking desolate settings that may be found in the stories of the well-known “vanlifers,” as they are known. # VanLife is primarily honey-colored with cosy blue accents, or the opposite.

Paintings of hanging landscapes that are encased in van door or oblong window frames are used to depict the exterior. Vanlifers seldom ever glance back at their photographs; the self-portraits appear to catch them off guard as they gaze towards breathtaking snow-capped peaks or even appear on a cereal plate (majesty is usual in them). The external planes typically place the vans susceptible in relation to the heir obtained, as if to look at the waves. The vans appear to share their owners’ propensity for daydreaming.

Costs Money to Live in a Van in This Picturesque Way

It costs money to live in a van in this picturesque way. If you can find one, used Mercedes-Benz Sprinters that have been converted (a common design for conventional RVs with facilities like heated flooring) can sell without a hitch for $300,000.

Across Covid-19, enthusiasm for an autonomous, opulent, itinerant lifestyle has skyrocketed. Companies that specialise in personalization are wary and opposed to one-year waiting lists. In spite of this rarity, it’s easier than ever to live the #VanLife. Anyone who is willing to rent out their life can live it with a day of realisation and $1,000.

When I told my husband that I had designated an RV so that we could travel and live in it for a week, he might not have realised it. It sounds awful, he remarked. He rejected right away, giving various strong justifications. Even though I pointed out that I am the worst driver I know and the worst parker anyone has ever seen, my editor suggested that maybe I could handle it alone.

(He speculated that it might be “part of that”) “Solo female guidance on life in the van” was my initial search term. Traveling with a gun or dog, or both, and putting the men’s shoes outside the van at night produced the best results. It didn’t sound like a fantasy of the senses. I had to find another person. But what reasonable person would be willing to go over a thousand miles in a car that I am in charge of (hopefully), interrupting and risking his life just to sleep spartanly sheltered in the heart of winter in picturesque locations?

Dinner in New York

When my friend Michael and I last had dinner in New York at the end of 2019, he had resigned his job at a venture capital firm and was backpacking through Asia, so I contacted him—the most neurotic person I’ve ever encountered. Due to the global pandemic, he had to end his backpacking trip, start a new life as a life coach and meditation teacher, and go blond.

It might have created some unrealistic expectations. I argued that Michael had pictured us touring California in something resembling “a Beyoncé tour van,” and he subsequently admitted as much to me. Instead, our 2013 Ford Econoline E-150, which was painted in psychedelic jungle tones, resembled a mobile Rainforest Cafe.

It appeared to be a vehicle that a cellular vaping company could also use to distribute loose samples, or anything that a user could also drive to inform the audience: here is someone willing and able to carry out the maintenance of the aquarium without a licence, for the right price. This was made possible by a large chameleon with acid yellow and electric blue insect eyes perched right on the driver’s door.

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Last Words

On the last day of our journey, on the rental lot back, I experienced an agonising agony that tore through my back as soon as my foot hit the asphalt, leaving me with an everlasting memory. Even though the pain rendered me unable to walk for several weeks, it provided me the everyday pleasure of crying in a wheelchair on the LAX track and shaking hands with a pleasant Delta employee while I silently prayed for better circumstances in my life. damaging to the back

As I lay in bed, I clicked on images of other vanlifers who had visited the locations Michael and I had visited with the intention of learning more about their splendour and the deceiving appearance of iPhone photography. Stunning tapestries #VanLife, I was a far way from acquiring a fantastic van and accurately depicting those journeys, those journeys just like the one I had recently completed. Everything was temporary, and Michael was right. I didn’t realise how much I had disliked it.