How To Make Paper in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, paper serves as a vital material. If you have an Elytra, you can use it to generate fireworks, and if you want to make books for enchantment, you can use them to make books. Let’s check out three different methods for crafting paper in Minecraft!

How To Make Paper in Minecraft?: Three Methods

1. Crafting

Making paper is as easy as crafting in Minecraft. Specifically, one can make three sheets of paper by placing three sugarcanes in a row on the workbench.

Sugarcane is a tall, green, slender plant that sprouts up next to any building that contains a water source. Sugarcane may be found in almost any Minecraft habitat, however it has a twofold and sextuple chance to spawn in swamp and desert biomes, respectively.

How To Make Paper in Minecraft

Furthermore, the Wandering Trader will accept 1 emerald in exchange for 1 sugarcane.

2. By Taking What You Can From Safes

Looted chests in randomly generated buildings like shipwrecks, strongholds, and communities contain anywhere from one to twelve paper things. These buildings also have a high probability (40 percent or more) of having chests that hold paper.

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3. The Village was Successfully Defended Against the Raid.

The villagers will celebrate your victory and throw random goods at you when you beat the raid event and become the Hero of the Village.

In spite of the fact that there are 15 distinct types of villagers, only the Cartographer can guarantee you a piece of paper with a probability of 50%. Given the extremely low probability and the inherent risk posed by the raid occurrence, we only include it as a fallback.

Normal Questions and Answers

Is There Any Way to Turn Wood into Paper in Minecraft?

Even though wood is typically used in the production of paper, this resource is unavailable in Minecraft.

What About Minecraft? Can Bamboo be Used to Make Paper?

In Minecraft, bamboo can only be used to make sticks. You can’t make paper out of bamboo, thus two stalks will only yield one stick.

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In Minecraft, can Paper only be made from Sugarcane?

Simply put, no! The best source of pulp for crafting paper in Minecraft is sugarcane. In addition, you can also try searching for your pals on the server or plundering boxes.