How To Make Dinosaur in Little Alchemy 2

Putting your creative skills to the test in a game is as enjoyable as it sounds. However, there are occasions when you genuinely cannot move forward, and you require assistance in resolving the outstanding issue.

We intend to fulfil that purpose. In this tutorial, you will learn the fundamentals of using Little Alchemy 2 to create prehistoric animals. In Little Alchemy 2, your deductive reasoning skills will be put to the test.

It also puts your short-term memory to the test. However, it’s quite unbalanced for the game to include anything so intricate. Creating a dinosaur in Little Alchemy 2 involves 26 steps of combining different materials in different proportions.

How To Make Dinosaur in Little Alchemy 2

Prerequisites for Dinosaur Creation

It’s not easy to do this because the game only gives you Air, Water, Fire, and Earth to work with. Changing the proportions of these ingredients allows for the creation of new playable species.

Two things need to be completed before we may see Dinosaur. A “Lizard” comes first. The word “Big” describes the second option. Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s move on to the procedures.

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How To Make Big:

Gaining “Big” status takes a lot of time. Most of the procedures for creating a dinosaur are needed. Here are the measures you’ll need to complete the process.

  1. When we combine two fires, we get energy.
  2. To make a puddle, we must combine two quantities of water.
  3. Create a pond by adding water to the already existing puddle.
  4. The pond will now be connected to other bodies of water to form a lake.
  5. Join another body of water with the lake in the same way to make a sea.
  6. Now we make the primordial soup by mixing the ocean with the ground.
  7. “Life” emerges from the primordial soup when it combines with an energy quantum.
  8. An indestructible bird, the Phoenix, is the result of fusing life and fire.
  9. The result of mating two phoenixes is an egg.
  10. After finishing the egg, the following step in making a dinosaur is to combine two Earths to form a continent.
  11. After that, we join it with another chunk of Earth to form a continent.
  12. Adding more dirt to the continent is the next step in the process of creating a dinosaur in Little Alchemy 2.
  13. We put Earth aside and instead mixed fire with the ground to make lava.
  14. Stone is created when lava and air are mixed together.
  15. When exposed to heat, a stone changes into a metallic solid.
  16. When the newly formed metal is mixed with dirt, a plough is created.
  17. Finally, we have a field after ploughing the Earth.
  18. When you stack two stones, you obtain a solid structure.
  19. That’s why it takes at least two walls to build a home.
  20. Create a barn by joining the two properties together.
  21. Putting an egg in a henhouse will result in the hatching of a chicken, right?
  22. So, by combining the Chicken and the Egg, we arrive to Philosophy.
  23. In Little Alchemy 2, one of the two primary ingredients required to create a dinosaur is “Big,” which may be obtained by combining the planet we previously created with Philosophy.

How to Construct a Lizard

It’s simple to create a lizard. The majority of the necessary procedures have been described previously.

Making Life and stone are the two primary processes in creating a Lizard. Once you have these two things, the remainder of the tasks will be easy to complete. After that, creating a dinosaur is possible.

  • When we mix life with the earth, we obtain an animal.
  • A lizard is the result of fusing the animal and the rock together.

Combine Big and Lizard now that you’ve made them separately. The final reward you receive is the unique Dinosaur.

How to Make a Dinosaur in Little Alchemy 2

Let’s talk about what kind of dinosaurs we could build with the supplies at hand. Flying pterosaurs and colossal kaiju are just two examples. Any dinosaur we want can be obtained from the vast pool of overlooked but useful prehistoric beasts that can be crafted in Little Alchemy 2.


One of the most visually stunning dinosaurs in Little Alchemy 2 is the Pterodactyl, which can be created by combining a dinosaur with air or an aeroplane.

Rex, or Tyrannosaurus, is short for Tyrannosaurus.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex can be created by injecting your dinosaur with human blood.

The Kaiju and the Chinese Dragon

When a god is invoked, a Chinese dragon appears. If adding “city” would create a kaiju, for example.

Reptile Embryo

Using the “golden rule” that “2 living things create a life,” an egg is formed in Little Alchemy 2 when two dinosaurs are combined.

Panteologists and Fossils

Together with the planet, dinosaurs can create a fossil, and when combined with humans, they can create palaeontologists. Kaiju + Nessie is what you get when you mix the legends and the myths.

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In Little Alchemy 2, creating a dinosaur requires few steps. As long as you stick to the steps in the instructions, it won’t take you long to make. Our tutorial on how to make dinosaurs in Little Alchemy 2 has come to an end.