How To Make A Bed In Minecraft

Any Minecraft player worth their salt should carry about a bed. Not only does sleeping in a bed allow you to skip the night, but it also resets your spawn point and prevents Phantoms from attacking you while you’re asleep.

The only real difficulty is in tracking down the necessary crafting materials. This is the stuff you’ll require.

Minecraft: Bed Construction Guide

In Minecraft, a bed requires nine wool and nine boards. Sheep are a good resource for wool. Shearing a sheep can net you anywhere from one to three coins, depending on how much wool you manage to get out of it, while killing one will net you one coin.

How To Make A Bed In Minecraft

Spider web string can be used to make a single strand of wool by knotting together four individual strands.

To make a uniform-looking bed, all of the wool must be the same shade. Natural colours for sheep wool include white, grey, black, brown, and (rarely) pink; to achieve a different hue, you’ll need to treat it with a dye.

Planks can be crafted from logs, which can be obtained by breaking any tree. For every log, you can get four planks.

Arrange the three pieces of wool and the three planks on the work surface. Align the three wool pieces along the horizontal, and the three planks along the vertical. Using this method, you can make a bed whose hue is identical to the wool’s.

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For what purpose do Minecraft beds exist?

Sleeping is crucial in Minecraft for the same reasons it is in real life.

One, Phantoms, scary monsters that appear in the sky above you at night or during a thunderstorm, will appear if you go three in-game days without sleeping (or dying) and are outside. They will creep up on you and attack you until you pass out or die.

The second is that your bed is your actual house. As soon as you touch a bed, regardless of whether you want to sleep there or not, the game will make that bed your starting place. Whenever you die from now on, you will reappear at that bed.

Time and the weather cycle are reset when one sleeps through the night or during a storm. If you have a secure place to sleep, you can forget about the creatures that come out at night.

In the end, beds in the Nether and the End serve a hidden purpose. A bed will explode with more force than a block of TNT if you try to put it in either of these dimensions. Without armour, you probably won’t survive a single blow from it.

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Although these explosions are normally undesirable, they can prove useful under certain circumstances.

Most speedrunners in Minecraft prefer using beds to rapidly kill bosses like the Ender Dragon because the explosion harms everyone, not just the target. It’s exciting only if you succeed, but the risk is worth it.