How to Celebrate Earth Day in Brooklyn Brooklyn Paper

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22, commemorates the beginning of the contemporary environmental movement.

More than a billion people in 192 countries and Brooklyn, New York, have joined the movement since its 1970 founding ceremony.

When Gaylord Nelson was a senator representing Wisconsin in the United States, he had the notion for a national day to celebrate the environment.

How to Celebrate Earth Day in Brooklyn Brooklyn Paper

On April 22, 1970, he initiated Earth Day as a means of galvanising a nascent public awareness of environmental issues including air and water pollution and forcing environmental protection onto the national political agenda.

The Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and many other major environmental laws were all made possible because of the campaign, which mobilised 20 million Americans from all walks of life and began the modern environmental movement.

Earth Day has grown to become the largest secular celebration on the planet, a day of action that influences individual behaviour and government policy. The Central Brooklyn Earth Day celebrations were documented.

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Urban Brooklyn Celebrates Earth Day with a Block Party

On Saturday, April 27, there will be a block celebration and several environmentally friendly activities in Downtown Brooklyn to mark Earth Day.

There will be live music from the Wollesonics, a marching band comprised of 9(!) recycled instruments, cycling and sewing instruction, tree giveaways, and screen printing of reusable tote bags by artists from BRIC.

This event is part of NYC DOT’s annual Car Free Earth Day, during which streets are closed across all five boroughs and environmental programming is provided to raise awareness about the value of sustainability, the need to address climate change, and the potential of streets as places for public gathering.

In other words, bring your bikes, skateboards, and lawn chairs and have a blast during Car Free NYC!.

When: This Saturday, April 27th, from 11 AM to 3 PM

Location: Brooklyn, New York 11201, Albee Square Plaza and Albee Square West, between Fulton St. and Willoughby St.

When asked how much, I proudly replied, “Nothing!”

Hosted at a Wyckoff farm, the Earth Day Party is a True Celebration.

In celebration of Earth Day, Brooklynites will gather at the Wyckoff House to learn about gardening and tree planting. Come early to the New York Restoration Project’s annual Tree Giveaway and you’ll be able to take home a free tree.

After the event, families can take part in a community seed exchange at Wyckhoff House, where they can bring seeds from their own gardens and take home some of the farm’s own seeds to plant.

Additionally, there will be scavenger hunts, vintage toys and games, and tours of the historic farmhouse and garden.

The Seed Art Activity will begin at 1:00pm, and the Tree Giveaway will begin at 11:00am, on Saturday, April 27.

New York, 11203; 5816 Clarendon Road, Brooklyn

How much? Nothing. A confirmation of attendance is not required but is encouraged.

Celebrate Earth Day in Prospect Park

Come to the Prospect Park Audubon Center for the annual Earth Day Celebration hosted by the Prospect Park Alliance and local Organisations.

This year’s environmental spectacle has a special emphasis on the preservation of Prospect Park’s treasured wildlife population.

This Earth Day event features a jam-packed afternoon of activities, including arts and crafts, a bug-finding hike, a bird-watching walk during spring migration, catch-and-release fishing, and of course, nature games, all set to the beats of a live DJ.

When: This coming Sunday, April 28th, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Location: 101 East Drive (Prospect Park Boathouse), Brooklyn, New York 11225

Just say “nothing” when asked how much.

Festival Celebrating Earth Day at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum will be sponsoring Earth Rocks!, a celebration of Earth’s rockstar status, during spring break to teach children about being good environmental stewards.

Brooklyn hosts a family-friendly Earth Day festival from Friday, April 19, to Sunday, April 28, where kids and their parents can learn about Earth’s ecosystems, resources, and superpowers via hands-on activities, animal encounters, science demonstrations, and live music.

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The Whole Planet Is Awesome! Children are welcome to participate in a variety of activities at the museum, including gardening workshops, honeybee-inspired art projects, a look at BCM’s collection of fluorescent minerals, and investigations into the dramatic power of volcanoes, complete with an explosive, lava-tastic demonstration.

Dates are April 19th to the 28th.

Place: 145 Brooklyn Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11213

Cost is $11. Get your tickets here!