How Far is Uvalde From San Antonio

Is it a long drive from San Antonio to Uvalde? If you don’t plan on stopping for any reason, this is the quickest answer.

An 85-mile or 137-kilometer one-way trip

1 hour, 32 minutes of driving time.

How Far is Uvalde From San Antonio

Driving this distance straight through is possible, but it’s more fun to make pit stops along the way. You can see how long it would take you to get there by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

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Flight Time

You have a private aircraft and can travel from San Antonio, Texas to Uvalde, Texas in the quickest possible straight line if you have it. In reality, the shortest distance is the “great circle” distance, which can be determined using an iterative Vincenty method, because of the Earth’s curvature.

Nearly 80 miles, or 128 kilometres.

Forty minutes in the air.

The flight distance is 6 miles less than driving, which means the driving distance is approximately 1.1 times the flight distance..

Because a plane travels at a significantly greater speed than a car, the flight time is just roughly half that of driving.

However, you may be planning to fly commercially after this brief private trip. If this is the case, you’ll need to factor in the time it takes to drive to your nearest airport, go through security, board the plane, taxi to the runway, and make it to your final destination.

It is possible to organise a road trip to Uvalde and stop along the way for some sightseeing. Check out fascinating locations and restaurants along the way if this is a true road trip. When it comes to meticulously planning a trip, Trippy is your best bet.

 Travelling on a Road Trip

As soon as we know the details of your travel plans, we can figure out how long it will take you to get there.

Two hours of driving time.

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Start in San Antonio, Texas.

Mina & Dimi’s Greek House is about a 17-minute drive away, so plan to spend about an hour there. After another 26 minutes of driving, you’ll arrive at Castroville, where you’ll spend an hour.

Stop in Dunlay (Texas) for an hour after driving for 16 minutes. Take a 10-minute drive to Hondo, where you’ll spend an hour. Take a 19-minute drive to Quiet Texas Rv Park, where you’ll spend an hour. Spend an hour and a half driving to Sabinal (Texas), then driving back.

Finally, after a 25-minute trip, you’ll arrive in Uvalde.