How Does the Mixed Triathlon Work

Do you know what the mixed-gender triathlon relay event entails? It will debut in the Tokyo 2020 Games in 2021.

We questioned athletes and coaches about the new Olympic sport and why they believe it would be an exciting, fast-paced race to the finish.

Alistair Brownlee, a two-time Olympic triathlon winner, described it as “fast and furious.”

How Does the Mixed Triathlon Work

The triathlon mixed relay, one of the Games’ most intense competitions, will make its Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020 on July 31, 2021.

Ten teams, each with four athletes—two men and two women—will compete in the race.

There will be less than 90 minutes left in the race. Fast, tactical, and draining describe it.

Format of Mixed Triathlon

Before “marking” their teammate at the handover zone, each athlete will perform a brief, super-sprint-style triathlon.

The race then continues continuously until the final racer finishes their race to determine the winner.

The races will be held in Birmingham over the distances of 300 metres (in Powell’s Pool, Sutton Park).

One loop of five kilometres (on the same four-lap route as the individual event), and a two-kilometer run around Sutton Park.

Compared to the two prior events in Glasgow and Gold Coast, there will be one notable variation in Birmingham.

All teams will race in a man-woman-man-woman format beginning with the 2022 season and continuing through at least 2024 under the new rules adopted by World Triathlon.

How Does the Mixed Relay Triathlon Work?

Teams of two men and two women perform a short-course triathlon (300 metre swim, five kilometre cycle ride, and two kilometre run) before passing the baton to the next team member.

It will follow the pattern woman-man-woman-man. It’s a success for competitors, spectators, and viewers alike thanks to its quick and unpredictable structure.

A brief loop around Powell’s Pool in Birmingham’s Sutton Park will be part of the course.

Before sending athletes off on a short bike loop via some neighbourhood roads and ending with a brief section in the park.


Tem England now has four elite athletes, all of whom will compete in the relay event.

As Jonny Brownlee was had to withdraw from the Games at the last minute due to an elbow injury acquired during the Leeds WTCS that caused him to DNF alongside colleague Alex Yee.

Silver Olympic medalist Yee, who has recovered from the road rash he sustained in the Leeds crash.

Will be the front-runner to run the crucial opening leg in an effort to put England in a strong position early on in the race.

Next, cycling superstar and Olympic reserve Sophie Coldwell is anticipated to compete in the second leg.

She will be followed by youngster Sam Dickson, who made a strong impression earlier in the season with a strong third leg at WTCS Hamburg.