Hailey Langland Advances to Snowboard Slopestyle Finals…

Tonight, February 5, Hailey Langland, a Filipino-American, will be one of three Americans to compete in the snowboard slopestyle finals at the Beijing Olympics.

On Friday, she shot a 68.71 and made the cut, per USA Today. I remember that my heart was racing the entire time I was in the air on my first leap.

Langland, age 21: “It’s hard to keep your calm while seeing all these other females land runs.”

Serious Discourse Michelle, the mother, was born in the Philippines to American parents. Geoff, her dad, is a White man.

Hailey Langland Advances to Snowboard Slopestyle Finals

As early as the age of five, he got his daughter involved in the sport. At the age of 10, her family uprooted from San Clemente, California, to Big Bear.

With the help of 100 snow generators and 300 snow cannons, Beijing marks the first Olympics to use entirely manufactured snow.

The participants were competing in -4.72 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures with high winds. Teammate Julia Marino finished in sixth, and she came in fifth.

Another American, Jamie Anderson, 31, will be competing in the finals as she attempts to defend her crown from the 2018 Sochi Games.

Trio of Americans, Including Jamie Anderson, Advance to Snowboard slopestyle Final

Three American women snowboarders who made it to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics slopestyle finals discussed the wind, fake snow, and other obstacles they faced with media on Saturday.

“The cold makes it more challenging. It depletes your strength very instantly “explained Jamie Anderson, 31, the reigning Olympic champion and a two-time gold medallist.

To top it all off, she has more X Games medals (21) than any other female athlete.

“The manufactured snow is impressive, and I applaud their efforts, but damm it’s not fun to ride on.

It’s hard to keep your body warm, which makes performing tricks feel even more daunting “To quote Anderson:

Hailey Langland “Couldn’t be Happier” Ahead of Snowboard Big Air Final at Beijing 2022

The 21-year-old will not let the fact that she is the lone member of Team USA competing in the final affect her performance.

Even though there is a lot of expectation on American snowboarder Hailey Langland to do well in the Olympics, she is handling it admirably.

I’m only 21, so I’m still learning by making mistakes, but I feel like competing has done wonders for my mental state.

“The women’s big air qualifying are over, and Langland has something to say to Olympics.com.

“The Olympics in 2018 were a huge eye-opener for me, and I had a lot of mental difficulty coping with them and my performance.

Having already competed in the snowboard slopestyle final in Beijing 2022, the Team USA rider approaches the snowboard big air final with valuable experience.


There was little room for error in the best-of-two-run format, so the first Olympic snowboard qualifying events were a thrilling and tight affair.

Despite the frigid temperatures and increasing gusts, the women took full advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate the incredible growth of women’s slopestyle riding at the sculpted Genting Snowpark.

The guardhouse element and second “twisted sister” jump on the course earned it praise as “difficult,” “technical,” and “unique,” terms that haven’t been used to describe a course since Sochi 2018.