Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says Offices Are Filling Back Up

The offices all over the world had been in lockdown because of the pandemic. This is, more importantly, a matter of the passing pandemic and the coronavirus vaccine that is in circulation. So more of the people are going to come back to the office after they have taken the first dose. This is the same with Google, too, as many people are coming back into the office as the lockdown wanes.

Pichai is the one who spoke all about this at the Wall Street Journal Live Conference on Monday. He said that employees are returning to the Google office. This is indeed very great news on the go for the tech world, and people are getting back to normal, or the new normal if you might prefer that.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says Offices Are Filling Back Up

Now it is said that the company is currently witnessing around 20 to 30 percent of the occupation rates in the San Francisco Bay Area and all around these physical offices. Pichai had gone ahead and said in New York offices that there is more of a hassle, and they see a 50% occupation rate.

Pichai had made it very clear when he had said on Monday that most of the employees who are not willing or those of the employees who do not want to get vaccinated or have some problem with the vaccine will be allowed to work remotely from home.

Pichai had now said that he personally has begun with coming into the office two to three days a week on average. The company did announce that people need to be entirely and fully vaccinated if they want to return to the office physically.

Things have to go back to normal, or it would be very much of a problem that arises out of the company. This is indeed a very ample time to get back to the office. That’s all there is to it.

It seems that people are very much expressive with the matter and they are very flexible. So hopefully, things will be good now. We will keep you updated if we have any other news about this.