5 Useful Google Apps That You Should Use

Google has provided a lot of useful apps to the users which they must try. Some of the apps are not even known by some people. Google is something which is known for its genuine and mind-blowing creations which are mostly liked by the users. You must check out awesome apps created by Google present on PlayStore.

There are various apps that are not even known by various users. Here, in our list, we have provided you with the 5 best applications created by Google which are must-try apps. So let’s get started on the article.

5 Useful Google Apps That You Should Use

Below, we have mentioned the top 5 applications which are created by Google and available on the PlayStore. Some of these apps are available only for the android version and not for iOS.

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1. Measure

Our first app in this list is Measure. There is no need to look for the measuring tape if you want to measure any object or you have to find out if a box can fit any object to be shipped or whatever measure you need.

Just use this app, open the camera, and point at the object which you want to measure and it will tell you the exact measurement of that object without any measuring tape or scale.

Isn’t it so easy to measure an object? Yes, it is because, in traditional methods, you must have a measuring object to find out the measurements. But this app has made it so easy, simple, and quick.

Just use Google’s measure app and make your measurements easier and effortless. You will get measurements of any object in a matter of seconds.

2. Files

Another useful Google application is “Files”. This is the default file manager provided by Google for many years. It keeps updating this application to make it better than usual. This files app is not the default file that comes pre-installed in all the versions of android phones. The interface of this app is user-friendly and easy to use.

It provides a clean environment to the users to check out the local storage of the phone. You can easily and quickly remove unwanted items in the trash a d can free up your phone’s storage.

If you are not so satisfied with the default file manager of your android phone then you should give it a try to make your work easier and effortless.

3. Voice Access

Android phones provide almost all the features which you can expect from a mobile phone except a proper voice control. Most of the users want to access their android phones totally hand-free which can be possible with a little help from Google. Voice access apps from Google can help you with this purpose.

You will have to install this application on your device and allow it to access your phone and boom you can command by speaking in your speaker and you can access your phone hands-free.

You can command it to slide, scroll down, play a video, call someone, text someone, or do many other tasks. You can get around apps, websites and can select or edit text without using your fingers.

4. Google Opinion Rewards

Our next app in this list is Google Opinion Rewards which is very useful for users but the fact is, it is unknown by most of the users. If you are also the one who is unknown about it then start using it right now.

Trust me it’s worth trying it. It provides you with some quick surveys which you can attend and in return, you will get some Google Play Store rewards.

It provides some surveys occasionally which are related to shopping. You just have to answer a few questions which are not so time taking and you will get about 10 cents or sometimes you can get one dollar for answering them. You will get rewarded in little time.

5. Wallpapers

The last app which we have selected in our list is “Wallpaper”. It mainly controls the wallpaper which is picked from the Google Pixel line. It picks a beautiful background for the home screen of your device to make it more attractive and eye-catchy.

There are various themes of background including stunning, motion, adventure, landscapes, geometry shapes, galaxy, nature, and much more. You can select some of your favorite categories and it will surprise you with some of the best wallpapers every day.

If you want your own picture as wallpaper then it can pick any of your random pictures as your wallpaper which will get changed every day. You will get amazed by their selection. Imagine you are having a bad day and it changes your whole mood with a beautiful wallpaper on your phone.

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This was our list of top 5 apps from Google which you should use on your Android phones. There may be some apps that you have used and some of them are unknown to you. If you find any of the apps interesting then you can give it a try and I am pretty sure you will like that app. Hope you find this list helpful. Thank you!