15 Best Alternatives To GogoAnime

Gogo Anime is in driver’s seat in the world of Anime lovers. All Anime lover loves Gogo Anime to watch. The content presents why all Anime lovers are so obsessed with this website. Buy there are some other alternative websites which are also doing well.

15 Best Alternatives To Gogo Anime

They present themselves with some amazing features like ad- free and many more. Let’s talk about more about this website. Here there are top 15 best alternatives to Gogo Anime to watch free Anime series online.

1. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven has one of the most amazing Anime contents. It is completely free to watch. All latest Anime series you can watch online without any disturbance with good internet connection. All the highest quality contests are chosen for you. Thousands of Anime episodes are available here.


If you found little difficulty what you should watch then no worry because each Anime listed with brief description. You can choose by read about the content that you would like or not. If you are a new Anime lover, then you should try Anime heaven. You will definitely love this website. It will give you a good time pass.

2. Anime Freak

Anime Freak is another beautifully flexible user interface. This app is free to download and free to watch any shows. You can enjoy your Anime anywhere anytime because now it’s available on smartphones now. Some useful and should be known features are:

  • You can go to history and can watch again and continue your episodes.
  • You can save your favorite shows to favorites.
  • The website has been updated in better version.
  • All Anime shows can be searched.
  • All new uploaded episode notifications are being pushed.
  • Content quality hits hard with amazing with perfect graphics.

3. 9Anime

Anime lovers always want to watch best content with best quality of videos. Then 9Anime is the best site is to watch. You may find some difficulty to find your shows because the options are many in numbers. All the shows are arranged in alphabetically order A-Z. you can search all the favorite shows.

This is totally free to watch. It offers the best quality version content. You can watch both English subbed and dubbed ones online for free. You can get unlimited access for die heart fans of Anime. And it is very safe to watch because this site not illegal. It is legal to watch for everyone.

4. Anime Planet

Anime-Planet is only for Anime lovers for free. And there are 40000 Anime videos. manga is also available. It is a good and worthy time pass. It’s legal to watch so headache of getting into any trouble.

One thing that you cannot use one of its features and that is movies. You cannot stream movies via pc because of illegal piracy. So it’s better if you stream only Anime shows. All popular Anime shoes are available. With good internet connection you get a smooth running Anime episode.

5. KissAnime

KissAnime is only for Anime lovers. It focuses more on Anime than cartoon. This is very normal that people get confuse about kissAnime and kiss cartoon. But kisscartoonC has cartoon shows and films. The names are maybe similar but the features are little bit different from each other.

This site provides few cartoon series but not all the series.in other words it is known as” one of the biggest streaming Anime websites” and “the most visited pirate site. There are millions of users on this site. And this site totally illegal to watch. But it is free to watch all the shows.

6. Crunchyroll

The best alternative of kisscartoon is Crunchyroll. You can enjoy 25000+ Anime episodes here. All Anime lovers love this site. All popular shows are available here. Not only Anime you can watch many other stuffs like music, drama, manga, electronic entertainment and many other popular series.

Crunchyroll is very safe to watch. Below 18 you cannot get any permission to watch any sexual and violent nature episodes or scenes. It also provides fan engagement who are a true Anime lover. This engagement happens during events, content distribution, games and many other ways. All these facilities are for free.

7. Anime Frenzy

Anime frenzy is a website where cartoon and Anime both you can stream at one website. The quality of all shows are eye catching. All the shows are in library form from there you can choose your favorites. Users are the first priority so they offer the option of English subbed or dubbed. It is super easy to navigate.

8. Chia-Anime

Chia Anime presents online HD quality Anime videos for Anime lovers. It has more than 1000 of Anime videos. It offers only Anime in library mode. The facility gives you the option to choose your shows according to your favorite genres like action, horror, romantic, magic, drama, sci-fi and more.

The reach of this website is not that popular but the contents are same as any other popular sits.In last words chia-Anime has one of the most popular Anime series. The reaching link is https://chia-Anime.su/.

9. Anime Ultima

Another alternative Gogo Anime is Anime Ultima. It is very easy and simple to navigate. You can stream your favorites in English duded or subbed. It’s added thousands of latest episodes daily. HD quality videos are always streamed. The reaching link is https://steprimo.com/android/us/app/com.cloverster.Animestar/Anime-Ultimate-Sub-and-Dub/.

10. Anime Show

If you are an Anime lover, you must visit AnimeShow.tv. All kinds of entertainment genres are available like drama, romance, magic and many others. All contents contain high quality. Every hour the site upload new episodes of popular Anime series. This website offers English websites. Perhaps, all Anime lover should visit Animeshow.tv. The reaching site ishttps://www2.Animeshow.tv/.

11. AnimeLand

Anime land is an another alternative of Gogo Anime. All popular Anime series are available here with high quality. All the contents are kept in library mode. All genres types of series are available with English subbed. The web layout is very user friendly.

12. Kuroani

Kuroani is a websitewhich is very popular among Anime lovers. This website is a good to start for streaming Anime. This app is totally free to download and easy to navigate. You can found all popular Anime series here including all genres.  All information is not available in internet. To download the app visit https://chipapk.com/app/10737463/.

13. AnimePahe

AnimePahe is a website where you can watch all you favorite and popular Anime series.  It is well known website by Anime lovers. It is fully free to stream and enjoy your favorite shows. All English subbed and dubbed version are available here. It is easy to navigate and safe to stream. Click here to stream https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/Animepahe/.

14. Aniwatcher

Aniwatcher is an alternative Gogo Anime. A website where all popular Anime series are in library mode. It offers all types of genres series with good quality. Some features:

  • Free to download.
  • Good quality contents.
  • All popular Anime shows are available.
  • Present all English subbed.

15. Anime Lab

Anime lab is a free streaming website with English subbed and dubbed. All the Anime shows are undoubtedly HD quality. Anime lab has some rumors that this website will go offline soon. Better for ever Anime lover go and watch your favorites take some free advantages before it goes shut down.

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All the websites and apps are free to watch Anime. But all are illegal better for every Anime lover download VPN then enjoy your Anime shows. Here top 15 alternatives of Gogo Anime is mentioned. Kids are not the only one who love and enjoy even adults also like to watch cartoons and Anime.

Thats why, this article is for everyone. This is the place where you can find your best choice that from where you should watch your favorite shows. Above mention all the websites, channels and apps are safe. All the alternatives are available on TV, laptops and smartphones.

For good quality and smooth running videos all you need is good internet connection. In last words all the alternatives are enjoyable, a good time pass.