C. Lewis Olympics Games Tokyo 2020

Mr. C. Lewis American track and field legend (born July 1, 1961) holds a record-breaking nine Olympic gold medals.

One Olympic silver medal, and ten World Championships medals, eight of which are gold. The latest Olympic gold medal he won was in 1996, but his career began in 1979.

In fact, he’s one of only six Olympians to ever win four straight gold medals in the same individual event.

Frederick Carlton Lewis Olympics Games Tokyo 2020

From 1981 until the beginning of the 1990s, C. Lewis was an unbeatable sprinter and long jumper, routinely finishing first in the world in the 100 and 200 metre dashes.

C. Lewis Eviscerates US Men’s 4x100m Team After Tokyo flop

On his initial attempt, American sprinter Ronnie Baker ended up with Fred Kerley’s jersey in his hands instead of the baton.

Baker failed to hit the target again. On the third attempt, Kerley was standing next to Baker, and he almost used both hands to drive the stick into Baker’s palm.

While the lineup of the American 4x100m relay squad in the Olympics may have changed, the results have been consistently nasty.

Thursday’s exchange between Kerley and Baker ruined the Americans’ qualifying performance, and they ended up in sixth place.

Missing the final and extending their streak of Olympic disappointment to 25 years. The United States traditionally sends the largest and most talented track team to the Games.

C. Lewis elaborated on his initial assessment, calling the team’s sixth-place finish a “clown show” in an interview with USA Today.

C. Lewis as Most Decorated US Track Olympian

With her bronze medal performance in the 400-meter dash on Friday night in Tokyo, Felix surpassed C. Lewis as the most decorated American athlete in Olympic track history.

She has won 11 medals total, seven of which are gold. During the years 1920–1928, Finnish hockey player Paavo Nurmi won a record 12 medals.

After the race, Felix commented, “For me, I just truly came out at ease and wanted to absorb it in thoroughly.”

On her 22nd birthday, McLaughlin not only won gold, but also set a world mark (51.46 seconds) in the 400-meter hurdles.

Felix has been quite open about the difficulty she had recovering from an emergency C-section during a tough pregnancy that threatened both her and her baby’s lives.

She has described the stress she felt to get well soon, despite the fact that her body wasn’t responding as it used to.


She overcome a major obstacle when she decided to forgo her carefully built private image and instead use her voice to advocate on behalf of an important social cause.

This week, she spoke out against the pressure to win, a theme that has permeated the whole Tokyo Olympics.