4 Tech Tools That Can Engage Foreign Language Students

Keeping the audience engaged with content is essential when learning anything new. Engagement becomes even more crucial when learning a foreign language.

Therefore, language content creators and instructors must work extra hard to keep their students interested and focused during class. When a student pays attention to learning content, they tend to comprehend a lot more and progress faster.

As technology develops, more foreign language content is delivered using tech tools. The advantages of digital solutions make them suitable for foreign language students. Below, you will learn about 4 tech tools that can help engage foreign language students.

Foreign Language Students

Digital Solutions For Better Student Engagement

Google Tour Creator

In the last few years, Google has produced several tools that help the learning process. Among these tools is the Google Tour Creator. This platform lets you create a field trip for your students virtually. It lets you expose students to the cultures and heritage of the locations that speak another language.

As a result, students can have a unique experience exploring the traditions that help shape a language. In turn, these experiences help simplify the language learning process. Similarly, students can use the TheWordPoint platform when looking to create an accurate translation. This platform helps connect cultures through words and technology.

When using Google Tour Creator, a teacher gets to choose a city they want their students to explore. Once you select a city, students are given access to a 360-degree outlook of the location. In addition, students get to listen and read a brief description of the culture and language of the people living there.

Therefore, using Google Tour Creator helps give students an encompassing language learning experience. Also, using such a tool encourages many students to want to travel and have first-hand experiences.

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When learning a foreign language, writing helps you develop your understanding of the language. Flipgrid helps develop a student’s writing skills, which is essential for technical translation. In the past, language students practiced writing with pen pals that speak their target language.

Now, people rarely write letters for any purpose. Rather, a platform like Flipgrid is used. This platform lets you develop videos in a creative and fun manner. Therefore, a student that is learning a new language can create videos as they speak a foreign language. These videos are shared with other students within the same locality or further away. Below each video, students can comment and engage with each other.

Similarly, a school or a language program can partner with another school in a foreign land. In essence, you can run a virtual language exchange program. If well-designed, such a program will assist students in either location. Therefore, students looking to master a foreign language get to interact with proficient students. On the other hand, foreign students get to learn English.

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is another cool tech tool that can help keep foreign language students engaged. Unlike other tools, Pear Deck works as an add-on. Therefore, it works together with other applications. For example, you can use it with Google Slides.

Additionally, it works on Google Chrome as an extension. Pear Deck lets you include drawing and listening when learning a foreign language.

For example, if you are teaching German, you can create a task using this language. You will do this while speaking out loud. On the other hand, your students will listen and draw out what you have stated.

Afterward, each student will get the opportunity to present their drawing. In either case, the students are challenged and encouraged to practice using a foreign language.


When using Quizlet, you get to teach students a foreign language by developing vocabulary. Students get to match foreign words with respective words in English. With Quizlet, several options and games are used.

Additionally, pictures and videos are used to help with retention. Likewise, this tech tool can help students master having simple conversations in a foreign language. Therefore, Quizlet is ideal when teaching beginners another language.

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In Conclusion

Learning a foreign language has never been as easy as it is today. With the help of tech tools, engaging students when learning a foreign language is super fun. Students from different locations get to collaborate using various technologies.

If you are learning a foreign language, tech tools like Google Tour Creator, Flipgrid, Pear Deck, and Quizlet will help you a lot. Each of these tools provides you with a different learning experience.