7 Best Sites Like Flvto to Convert YouTube Videos

YouTube is the number one platform for listening to tracks and watching any popular song or music video. In the present times, many major production companies and individual creators have moved to YouTube for releasing new content online for an extensive user base.

Now all the content present on YouTube is only in video format, which may be an issue for someone who just wants the audio version of that content for certain reasons. To fulfill these needs many converting sites have come up with an approach to solve this problem. Users can now convert their desired YouTube videos to audio files.

Flvto is one such website that offers this service. It is very popular because of its simple interface and easy use. It is free and requires no registration. There are several such providers in 2021, but some of them may be illegal, sluggish, or full of irritating ads. The Article below includes a list of the best sites like Flvto that are free, safe to use, fast, and reliable.

7 Best Sites Like Flvto

Below is the list of the 7 best Sites like Flvto for converting YouTube videos to audio files. All of the alternatives are free, trustworthy, speedy, and reliable. You can check out the list present below.

1. YTmp3

YTmp3 is the first on the list and probably also first on Google search result for ‘converting YouTube videos’ due to high popularity. YTmp3 provides the conversion of mp3 and mp4 Flv files so that one can quickly have the complete video or song on their computer. This provider’s platform is simple and easy to use; no registration or sign-in is required.

Simply copy the YouTube video URL link to download, paste it into YTmp3, and then select the format. The process of downloading is quick, and one can use ad blocker to avoid ad issues.

2. 2CONV

2conv is next on the list. Similar to YTmp3, this site also offers a service to convert YouTube videos into audio or AVI format. The process of downloading is easy, and the platform is much more modern than YTmp3, but nothing too unique. It is easy, and simple to use. And of course like Flvto it is also free and requires no registration.

Just copy the YouTube address link and paste it into the search bar of 2conv, choose the desired format and press the download button, and the file will get downloaded in minutes. Users may find some annoying ads so it is advised to use a good adblocker to solve this issue.

3. Point MP3

For YouTube video converting, POINT MP3 can easily be the best alternative out there. POINT MP3 is one of the leading converting sites. The website is designed in a user-friendly way, and there Chrome and Firefox add-ons can also be found that will make the experience of downloading much easier. All their services are free, and registration and sign-in protocols are not required.

This provider has the most significant number of users worldwide, and the experience is more than satisfactory for all of them. The speed of downloading and converting is just amazing, several formats can be found, and most of the material is of excellent quality.

4. SaveMP3

SaveMP3 is a fast and reliable platform that can extract audio from YouTube videos and convert high-quality audio from YouTube to MP3 or MP4.

One can avail of services anonymously and can enjoy the unrestricted download of any MP3. No registration is required and it is totally free. Users may encounter annoying ads so it is better to use a good adblocker to avoid this problem.

Users can download audio and video files not only from YouTube but also from 1000+ websites out there by using SaveMP3, such as from Facebook, Instagram, Mixcloud, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Netflix, Dailymotion,  Hulu, etc.

5. DLNow Soft

DLNow Soft is another free converter of YouTube videos. It can also work with different websites, but as far as YouTube and SoundCloud are considered, it does a brilliant job with these. The speed of download and conversion is always amazing, and most users are pleased with this provider’s service.

Users can download videos in several different formats, but most of those formats are the most popular ones. Although it is not advanced with add-ons or desktop versions like others, still this simple and yet strong provider does its job perfectly for free.

6. Online Video Convertor

Online Video Converter is another popular converting site, but most prefer it as a plan B option. Although it is an excellent converting site the only drawback is ads, to use this site users are asked to turn off their ads blocker after which all the ads start popping up all over the screen.

The services of this site are also free and no registration is required. It works the same as the above-mentioned websites and does not have any other unique feature, on the contrary, has this ads issue, so use it only when other sites are not accessible.

7. Y2mate

The last site on the list is y2mate. This is a well-known converting website with a significant user base. It works similar to Flvto and other mentioned website and is too free. The main advantage of this site is, it is totally ad-free and runs very smoothly over a good internet connection without much trouble.

It offers a Chrome extension so converting and downloading YouTube videos over a computer or mobile become very easy.


Internet is filled with sites that provide converting services for free. Mostly all the sites run a similar way for converting YouTube videos into audio files. Due to high competition sometimes these sites face numerous issues and sometimes leading to the taking down of the site.

It becomes necessary for users to know some alternatives of their favorite converting site so that if such an issue is faced by them they could still work through alternatives. The sites mentioned above are free and most of them do not require any registration, and for an even better experience, it is advised to use a good adblocker while visiting these sites.