5 Best Fitness Apps

Nowadays, due to busy life and this pandemic going all around the world, people mostly choose home workouts instead of visiting any fitness center. That’s why most people choose to work out at home by using guides from some applications.

These applications provide flexible hours to work out and most introverts are comfortable in their zone. But there are a lot of applications present online. Another question arises, which one to choose.

So, to ease your difficulty we have provided you with this article so that you can choose the best app which suits your needs. If you are also fitness conscious and looking for the best application which you can use to work out at home, then you are at the best place. Let’s get started with our article.

5 Best Fitness Apps

Here, we have provided you with a list of the best 5 apps that can be used to work out at home. Let’s explore the article and pick your favorite one.

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1. Blogilates

Our first fitness app in this list is Blogilates. If you want a proper guide to doing your workout at home then Blogilates is something which you can rely on. It provides workout videos, a calendar for a monthly workouts, and an online forum.

It supports both android and iOS devices. This one is the best option for a workout at home as the videos are so engaging and they inspire you to do more workouts.

The founder of this application is Cassie Ho. She is a fitness expert and has started her YouTube channel back in 2009 in which she uploads workout videos and has gained a lot of love from her subscribers and visitors.

Then she started this app Blogilates which is one of the best options which you can choose to do a workout at home.

2. Daily Yoga

This app is dedicated to our yoga lovers. You will never find yoga as a boring workout after using this app. It provides you with more than 50 classes of yoga which are available in full HD quality.

If you are a beginner in yoga and want a detailed video of yoga poses then there is a dedicated library for newbies on this application.

You can get a detailed video on how to perfectly do any asana of more than 500 yoga poses. So, it is beginner-friendly too. You can use this application on both android and iOS devices.

The videos are available in the proper sequence to increase your flexibility. It starts from a low level and goes up to high level. You will become a pro in yoga at the end of the month if you strictly follow it.

3. Aaptiv

Now let’s move to our next fitness partner which is Aaptiv. Most of the fitness studios work on a combination of sweaty and hard workouts, attentive instructor,s and a disgusting soundtrack but Aaptiv is something that can help you with all these issues.

The best part about the app is you can access it from your home. There is no need to go anywhere to work out. You just have to pay their monthly charge which is $9.99 per month and they will provide you with more than hundreds of classes in different styles, levels, difficulties, and lengths of the class.

It includes all the workouts such as treadmill, outdoor running, cycling, yoga, and much more. Many fitness boutiques charge much higher than this for the same.

4. Pear

Pear is another one of the best apps which you can pick to do a workout at home. If you want a proper guidance from a personal trainer then you are at the right place. It allows you to pick any trainer as a personal trainer who will guide you with all your workout.

If you are an introvert and not feeling well with working out with someone then no need to worry, you can copy their workout on your own.

The plus point is if you have a wearable tracker or if you can afford it then this app will provide you with data of your heart rate and VO2max so that you can keep an eye on your body activities. Again, it can be used on both iOS and Android devices.

5. Daily M|WOD

Our last app in this list is Daily M|WOD but don’t take it as the last app. This one is also one of the best options which you can choose to work out at home. It makes physical activities like flowing, running, and lifting much easier and interesting.

This app was started in 2005 by Dr. Kelly Starrett. This software is focused on OG mobility.

You just need to have some most common gym products such as lacrosse balls, resistance bands, and foam rollers. It will provide you with some best videos to do basic workouts and increase your body flexibility and stay fit.

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So, we have provided you with this list of the best 5 apps that can be used for a hoke workout. We have tried to mention some of the most important information about these apps.

However, there is so much to tell about them which can’t be mentioned in a single article. Hope you will be able to find out the best app which is suitable for your needs. I am pretty sure you will find this list helpful.