Fistful Of Vengeance Review Pursuing The Queen Of The Underworld

Fistful of Vengeance’s action sequences can either be well-coordinated or be riddled with exposition.

Because Wu Assassins is a prequel to this film, the series’ main characters make cameo appearances. Lu Xin Lee (Lewis Tan) and Tommy Wah (Iko Uwais) are pals of Kai Jin (Iko Uwais), a San Francisco chef who is the current heir to an old heritage of magical fighting (Lawrence Kao).


When Jenny, Tommy’s sister, is found dead, the pals in the sequel are left scrambling to figure out what happened. Talisman found with his body is the only clue they have.

Who Responsible for Jennies Death

The party travels to Thailand in search of solutions, where they meet billionaire developer William Pan (Jason Tobin). Yin and yang talismans can be united, according to Ku An Qi (Rhatha Phongam), the underworld boss of Bangkok, whose twin sister, Ku An Qi (Rhatha Phongam), was responsible for Jennies’ death. As Kai chases the crooks, his pals insist on accompanying him in his efforts to bring them to justice.

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The Film’s Appeal is Simple

it features many well-choreographed action scenes, in which each member of the ensemble follows in the footsteps of Uwais, the film’s martial arts expert. It’s a pity that filmmaker Roel Rein employs lore to explain the motivations, backgrounds, and powers of the characters in his films.

For Kai or his adversaries, watered-down Taoist principles that are cerebral rather than culturally offensive are designed to explain their powers. Consequently, there is little opportunity for the audience to learn more about the characters as individuals, but rather as vehicles for their mysterious powers.

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Experience of Watching

The battles have little cinematic impact if they lack tactical, philosophical, or emotional foundations. Fists contact flesh as knives and firearms slash and shoot. However, each step is inconsequential. At its best and worst, the picture resembles the experience of watching an alien play with off-brand action toys..


The TV-MA rated Handful of Revenge 1h34 minutes is the total time required. Netflix is the place to go.