Firefox Focus released ‘total cookie protection’ for Android

We are sure that you have heard about the cookies. Well, not the one you eat but the one that you find out at the websites and where you have to accept all the cookies by default. It is really annoying and one of the major disadvantages of the modern world, to be honest.

It tracks your user info and saves it. This happens to everyone on every website, and it is a breach of privacy, if you will. Now there have been browsers like Firefox mobile that can help you to prevent this from happening, and then the cookies can not track your info anymore.

Firefox Focus released 'total cookie protection' for Android

Well, this is a new concept that is for Android phone users only. This feature is ongoing to Prevent your info and data from being collected by the cookie. If a user is visiting any website then they have to accept all the cookies there but what Firefox does is take the cookie and places it in a jar.

This is imagery or rather a cute way of explaining stuff. This prevents the info to be collected by the cookies, and then you can go on browse on freely as you want.

It is really important to note that this can be very helpful if you are frustrated with the unnecessary ads that pop up on your screen when you are scrolling a website.

If you are wondering, then yes, this is not a new feature for Firefox. They have been using this technology in their desktops for quite some time, and that’s how we know that it is quite effective.

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This one is a new one in the sense that this can only be applied to the smartphones and only the Android phone users on top of that. That is all that we have for now. It is a cool thing. So reconsider the browser you are using.