DJI OM 5 – A Unique Smartphone Stabilizer Gimbal

DJI has made an announcement today about its latest DJI OM 5. It is presenting the public with the latest smartphone stabilizer gimbal designed to transform phones. This comes in with a built-in selfie stick that can turn your phone into a high-quality video creating tool.

We have seen bloggers carrying their phones around and then creating blogs or videos. There can sometimes be a problem with carrying the phone. However, it can now be easily solved.

The OM 5 had made certain design changes and upgrades which are giving it a boost. Thus they are making the system more versatile and more useful. It is also portable, so you can easily carry it anywhere if you want to.

The most notable new feature they have included in the upgraded version is something that we have to mention. It is the built-in telescoping extension rod that provides around 8.4 inches of extra reach for taking selfies or making videos or blogs if you so want.


This is a good design for a lot of people, and it is going to come in real handy too. It is okay if you are not a blogger and do not have any intention of blogging either.

You can still use this device to click group selfies or pictures from different angles without buying a selfie stick separately. In simple words, there are many creative shots that you can take using this one selfie stick.

They have also reduced the size of the device so that it can fit in perfectly. It is not much of a problem for the users who can find the smaller size handier.

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This is all well and good, but this comes at the cost of the battery life, which is very important. So, of course, some negative points need to be worked on, but the selfie stick or, rather the built-in one is a great idea. It might even change the future of smartphones. So that’s all that we have to say about this new model.