Diverse Artists to Write and Illustrate New Dr. Seuss-Inspired Books

It was announced on Wednesday that Dr. Seuss’ unpublished sketches will serve as inspiration for a new series of children’s books to be written and drawn by a diverse collection of rising artists.

A Dr. Seuss Enterprises new endeavour, Seuss Studios, will produce at least two original novels each year beginning in 2023, according to a company spokesman.

Diverse Artists to Write and Illustrate New Dr. Seuss-Inspired Books

Dr. Seuss’ Work

The firm has yet to complete the list of authors and illustrators for the books, but it has stated that they would come from a variety of backgrounds and include people of colour.

It’s been a year since Dr. Suz Enterprises said that six books created by Theodore Seuss Geisel under the alias Dr. Seuss will no longer be published because of the usage of imagery representing people “in ways that are cruel and wrong,” and this announcement is in response.

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“Chinese” characters in “And I Think I Saw Him on Mulberry Street,” for example, have eyeliner, wear pointed hats, and carry chopsticks. One of the two individuals from “African island of Yerka” is naked, without shoes, and accompanied by monkeys in “If I Flee the Zoo.”

New ventures like these “will help us ensure that Dr. Seuss’ pictures live in the greatest possible way—and in a new way—for future readers,” said Susan Brand, President and CEO of Dr. Seuss Enterprises.

Recent years have seen an increased focus on Dr. Seuss as an author who has captivated millions of children around the world with his fantastical tales and moral themes. Leading conservatives have decried a “culture of annulment” in response to the decision to remove the six headlines from the newspaper’s website.

The Decision to Discontinue Selling Portions of Dr. Seuss’s Work was Welcomed by Others, Though.

Special collections director Linda Klaassen at the University of California, San Diego said she “applauded” the choice to do this and remove hazardous items from circulation on Wednesday.

Unpublished Sketches

Hundreds of Dr. Seuss’s unpublished sketches are housed in the school library’s archives, which are kept at the university.

Dr. Seuss’ unpublished sketches are kept in special folders and sleeves in around 20 massive steel drawers behind closed doors in a room with its own security system, Ms. Klaassen added.

There are around 750 of these drawings. Drawers often serve as a source of inspiration for Ms Claassen and her colleagues, according to Ms Brand. For future artists, some of the sketches will serve as the seed for a new book idea.

One of the first-of-its-kind images released on Wednesday depicts three hummingbirds in a variety of colours and expressions. A mouse-like creature with long, floppy ears is the other one, whereas the other one has fuzzy, long ears.

Mrs. Klaassen Stated, “A Lot of them you can Say were Book Ideas Since there were Tales.

“So there’s a lot of what I’d call various non-book drawings” because Dr. Seuss was also an artist who “swore sketchbook,” as she put it.

Dr. Seuss’ original drawing and a message from the painters describing their inspiration will be included in the new books when they are released.

It’s “exciting to see the stories they create, bringing in their own experiences and reflecting them through their work,” said Harris School of Public Policy professor Anjali Adukia, who studied differences in racial representation in children’s literature. “

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New novels will be edited by Mallory Loer, executive vice president and publisher of Random House Books for Young Readers. They will “shine on every page, from cover to cover—with a glimmer of Dr. Seuss’s imagination included in every book,” she stated, according to an official release.