4 Ways How Digital Tools Can Improve Teaching and Learning

The universal schedule of classes does not correspond to the realities of modern students – active, purposeful. Business school students often work in several places and often travel. They are not interested in sitting in classrooms for hours, trying not to fall asleep at lectures. Students seek to optimize their studying, while teachers also strive to bring interest to their business classrooms. All of this can be done with help of modern digital solutions.

Teaching and Learning

Making Business School Classes More Interactive and Interesting

According to MarketsandMarkets, in the next five years, the market for EdTech applications will grow from the current 1 billion to 7 billion by 2025. According to the results of a survey of users of the TalentLMS platform, 89% of respondents said that they are more likely to complete the task if it is submitted in game form. Motivation based on game tools almost doubles the level of student involvement.

When focusing on practical skills like business, it is better to practice daily and little by little. Of course, the optimal rate of assimilation of information is different. It is affected by these factors: learning format, the direction of the educational program, and the complexity of the course.

Business school is very demanding to students in terms of assignments complexity and variation. Some students seek out help with a research paper or other resources to make their curriculum easier and more manageable. Various help and digital solutions are very important when learning business – they can provide guidance, help with knowledge systematization and research.

When there is a competitive moment in the mechanics of learning – the struggle for conditional points, incentives, and such, the desire to learn grows especially strong. For example, in investor training, real clients are freelancers and the first significant earnings are much steeper than usual estimates. This is understandable because the real benefits of the acquired knowledge and their direct application in practice give great incentive and motivation.

4 The Most Popular Digital Tools for Business Education

There are many great services for web conferencing, creating and testing assignments, sharing tasks, etc. Ideally, the group and the teacher of the business school should have a single LMS system (Learning Management System).

It is important to know someplace where students and teachers communicate, exchange useful materials, do and check homework, learn to work in a team. With the help of good platforms and applications, you can control the attendance of classes, conduct semester control and certification, create your library of useful sources. Here are some tools you may want to incorporate into your business classroom.

  1. Tools for creating scribing. Scribing is a process of explaining meaning with the help of simple drawings, in which the drawing of elements takes place directly in the process of storytelling. Scribbling presentations help to explain complex topics in an accessible way, as they involve both hemispheres of the brain, allow keeping the audience’s attention for a long time, help to remember key moments.
  2. Apps for creating educational materials. Online learning materials help teachers to further motivate students, diversify lessons and make them more modern. Most of them can be used on students’ mobile devices, and they also contain libraries of ready-made exercises.
  3. Video learning aids. YouTube is a popular video hosting service that provides video hosting services. Users can add, view, and comment on certain videos. The ability to add subtitles and make video notes allows you to easily watch videos in a foreign language, which together with the ability to conduct live broadcasts makes it indispensable in learning. Such platforms help to connect business learners around the world.
  4. Solutions for visualization of information. Animaker is an English-language tool for creating 2D and 3D animations, infographics, and video infographics. The program has a wide range of options for working with text design. The advantage of this Internet resource is that it is a cloud service, i.e. you can work on your project from any computer from your account, and you can create animations for up to 2 minutes for free. Many business concepts are quite complicated, so visualization aids can help simplify them.

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Summarizing Good Tips

The current generation cannot imagine their lives without gadgets and various digital solutions. There is no point in fighting this tendency – instead, you can use some modern technologies to make your teaching and learning at a business school more comprehensive, organized, and interesting.

In this article, we talked in more detail about digital tools for business schools, and we can conclude that some applications and technologies can truly enrich a business classroom.