10 Digital Marketing Strategies For E-commerce

Promoting a business online is a very challenging task as there are a lot of competitors in the market. One wrong step and you will lose your buyers. Wrong strategies can make customers move to any other site.

Competition is so high and you need to be updated to provide full satisfaction to your customers. So, to ease your problem we have provided you with this article with some best marketing strategies for e-commerce. Have a look at them.

10 Digital Marketing Strategies For E-commerce

Below we have mentioned a list of the best 10 marketing strategies that you can own to build a better e-commerce platform and to increase traffic on your site. So let’s get started.

1. Boost Product Visualization

Our first option for Digital Marketing Strategies for E-commerce in this list is Boost Product Visualization. It simplifies the view of your product so that the consumer who is looking for the same product can have a quick view of your product without unnecessary wastage of their time.

They don’t need to read the whole description of that product. Just a normal view of the product and it reveals everything about it. This tool allows users to zoom in and view the product at 360° to find out every side of it and it even provides pop-up information and roll-over. It increases engagement with the audience and provides them with a better shopping experience.

2. Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our next strategy in this list is Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) which provides a good impact to your online business. It collects various information from the customers visited on your online shop and presents them in the form of insight so that you can predict the needs and requirements of your customers.

This information can be used to improve your sales so that the customers can have a better experience and satisfaction which can make them return to your site which results in gaining more traffic on your site.

You can use this collected data to improve your site and to create a better environment for your customers or visitors. You can make improvements in the whole process from search, purchase, and delivery. It simply improves your online business.

3. Automate With Chatbots

Automate with Chatbots is another best AI that has its own strategies. Chatbots play a very important role in increasing your online business. It holds the power to make or break the customers on your site. You need to be available every time to answer any queries of your customer.

Being available all the time for your customer and to solve their issues can increase their trust and make them buy their favorite stuff from your site. Bots provide them a human manner of conversation and provide them a better experience of shopping on your site with no queries.

They let customers know about ongoing discounts and offers to make their shopping easier and also tell them about upcoming offers.

4. Add Video

Adding video with products is also one of the highly used and beneficial strategies for online marketing. Although it is not necessary to add videos with every product but if it requires and you want to show off your product so just go for it. You can show how the product will look in action or how to use it or how it makes work easier.

These videos can build confidence in the buyer to buy them. According to a report by HubSpot, it is reported that buyers build more confidence to buy a product with these videos. If with the medium of these videos you are able to show how finely your chopper works to chop different vegetables then it will become easier for the customer to decide why they should buy it.

5. Flexible Delivery

One of the other best ways to decrease the cart abandonment of your cart value is to provide flexible delivery to your customers. A lot of customers leave their shopping on a specific site when they find out the items are not deliverable at their location or it takes a lot of time to get delivered.

When people order something online, they are curious about it and want it to be delivered soon. Also if they can wait for the product to arrive later, they want to pay less for the delivery charge if they have the option to choose. You can find out ways to deliver quickly and it will increase the customers on your site.

6. Reduce Cart Abandonment

As we already discussed, the most important reason for cart abandonment is when delivery is not expected as per customer’s needs and when they find out the shipping charges are so high. Most of the people abandoned their cart value in such cases.

You can maintain reliable shipping charges and quick delivery to avoid cart abandonment. You can ask for their email and can send them a mail to buy their products which are added to the cart.

This strategy works most of the time. Another way to decrease cart abandonment is to avoid crashes and slow loading of the site. Most of the time people leave their cart when it takes a lot of time to load or the site crashes while proceeding. Try to make a simple checkout option.

7. Encourage User-Generated Content (UGC)

The best advertisement is done by a satisfied customer and it’s a fact. The Use Generated Content or UGC serves best to increase the selling of your product as it tells about the personal experience of the past customer who has used the same product which another customer is looking for.

Most of the customers build more trust in their fellow customers than in marketing advertisements.You should allow your customers to add their review on the product and make it easier and simple for them to review it. You can also ask them to review the product they bought recently from your site.

You can include hashtags on every post you make on social media which encourages other users to add this hashtag too and to easily search for the product by using the hashtag.

8. Mobile Friendly

Most people use their mobile phones to do online shopping in comparison to other devices like tablets or PCs. So your site or application should be mobile-friendly. It should include this must-haves –

  • The shopping cart should scroll with the customer scroll to ease their shopping
  • The add-to-cart option should be clearly visible to the customer so that they can easily click on the button and add items to
  • Most of the people abandon the site which is not mobile friendly and move to the one which best suits their

It doesn’t mean that you should always develop a mobile-friendly app but you can develop a good site that works best on mobile phones without any crashes or issues so that customers have a clear visuality to buy products.

9. Improve Checkout

A long process of checkout can make a customer abandon the cart and leave the site due to frustration. You should always focus on maintaining a simple checkout process that doesn’t take a lot of steps for payment. The transaction should be simple and quick. If possible then try to gather all the processes of checkout on one page.

This one is the best idea to provide a better experience to your customers. Always allow your customer to take a step back if they made a mistake by chance or want to add or remove something in the cart. The progress should be highly visible.

10. Encourage Social Purchases

Our last but not least digital marketing strategy in this list is to encourage social purchase. You can add some advertisements on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook and the most important part is to provide an easy-to-click or slide link with your advertisement so that customers can directly buy from that social media site after seeing your ad. It helps a lot to encourage customers to check out your site and to make a purchase from there.


So here we have completed our article by providing you with a list of the best 10 strategies which you can try to grow your online business and to encourage customers to make purchases from your site. You can check out them and can pick any strategy which you found to be best suited for your site. Although all of them should be adopted to make a successful site. Hope you will find it helpful.