How To Fix Call of Duty Dev Error 6068

A faulty DirectX setup on your device might create the Dev Error 6068 in Call of Duty (whatever form). It can also be induced by out-of-date Windows, Device Components, or game configurations that aren’t appropriate. The Dev Error 6068 in the game is responsible for the gameplay stuttering or collapsing.

As per our findings, the situation appears to be primarily tied to software features of the computing device used to play Call of Duty, with little chance of a mechanical defect. Before you start with the precise approaches, take a look at the following typical cures:

Call of Duty Dev Error 6068

  • Use only a single monitor if you’re utilising several monitors.
  • Check to see whether all of your other apps are operating properly.
  • The game demands 3000 MHz RAM to work efficiently, therefore be assured your product satisfies this criterion.
  • Assure your web server is reliable & speedy.

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How To Fix Call of Duty Dev Error 6068

In this area, we’ll show you how to cure Call of Dev issue 6068 using various methods, ideas, and workarounds. This is where you’ll compile a handful of all the alternatives available.

Method 1: Run The Game as Administrator

To reach some documents & facilities in Call of Duty, you must have admin credentials. It can also cause the Dev error 6068 if it isn’t granted administrative access. If that’s the circumstance, starting the game with administrator rights could help.

We’ll use the shooter as an example of the procedure. You may also use procedures unique to your device to execute Call of Duty as an administrator.

Step 1: Activate the Call of Duty screen in the interface.

Step 2: Pick Options.

Step 3: From the drop-down selection, tap “Show in Explorer.”

Step 4: Locate & right-click the Call of Duty document in the Call of Duty directory.

Step 5: Now, under the drop down list, select “Operate as an administrator” and see whether the problem persists.

Method 2: Set The Priority Of Call Of Duty’s Process to High

Despite modifying the precedence of a procedure if you don’t comprehend what you’re doing isn’t a fine decision if you don’t realize what you’re doing, in the present circumstances, when the game is using your CPU & GPU rather significantly, increasing the emphasis of its operation to High Priority may help the issue.

Step 1: Right-click the Task Panel, whereupon select Task Manager from the menu.

Step 2: Now locate & right-click the Call of Duty procedure, whereupon select Go to Specifics from the dropdown.

Step 3: Right-click upon that Call of Duty procedure (that should be illustrated) on the Details panel, then pick Priority from the general tab, and thereafter High from the dropdown.

Step 4: Inspect to see whether the game is working properly again.

Method 3: Update Windows and System Drivers To The Latest Build

To enhance productivity & fix known vulnerabilities, Microsoft & your system makers offer new versions for the OS including device components. If you’re running an old version of Windows or have a flawed provider, you’re likely to run into problems like the latest Dev Error 6068.

If this is the circumstance, upgrading Windows plus system drivers may be able to resolve the issue. Additionally, upgrading Windows will fix potential DirectX difficulties.

Step 1: Input Updates into the Windows tab. Then hit Inspection for Updates in the search queries.

Step 2: In the Upgrade box, click the Look for Updates tab.

Step 3: Upgrades are available for download & installation (if present).

Step 4: The Software Update Tool may be downloaded here.

Step 5: To finish the upgrade procedure, run the downloaded file & observe the on-screen guidelines.

Step 6: Also, look for the most current updates of accessories on the support site.

Step 7: Determine if the condition is diagnosed when the upgrading procedure has been completed.

Method 4: Scan and Repair The Game Files

When the game contents for Call of Duty are faulty, the game will issue the Dev Error 6068. Screening & mending the apks (which analyses the game content and redownloads the incomplete information) may be able to remedy the difficulty in this situation. We’ll use the shooter as an example of the procedure.

Step 1: Press on Call of Duty in the browser.

Step 2: Now go to the Options list and select Scan & Repair from the drop-down bar.

Step 3: Then press the Start Scanning button.

Step 4: Your game assets are now being inspected, and any lost or broken components are being recovered (if any).

Step 5: Inspect to see whether the situation has been fixed once the game assets have been scanned & repaired.

Method 5: Use PC Screen Only Option

Multi-monitor gaming does not work well with Call of Duty. If you’re utilising many monitors, this might be the source of your problem. Using the Computer monitor alternative may tackle the issues in such a situation.

Step 1: Leave Call of Duty & use Task Manager to terminate all of its attributes associated.

Step 2: Press the alerts logo in the settings menu.

Step 3: Then choose Project (you may also use the Wins+P ).

Step 4: Hit “PC screen only” from the drop-down pane.

Step 5: Afterwards start Call of Duty and see if the issue has been resolved.

Method 6: Set The Game Window to Borderless

If you’re utilising several monitors whilst enjoying the game, adjusting the game type to borderless might help. Several individuals with a single view have indicated that switching to borderless format fixed their issue.

Step 1: Run Call of Duty, go to the Settings menu, and afterwards the Graphics panel.

Step 2: Afterwards open the View Mode settings and pick Ful lscreen Borderless from the thread.

Step 3: Confirm your modifications & verify that the Dev Error 6068 has been addressed.

Method 7: Change Video Memory Scale

Video Memory Scale helps the application to determine how much VRAM it can use. Dropping this parameter may help the issue if the program is feeding the VRAM very extensively & choking it.

Step 1: Close Call of Duty & use Task Manager to terminate any linked operations.

Step 2: Afterwards activate the File Explorer application.

Step 3: Then go to your individual folder’s location, which is normally DocumentsCall of Duty Advanced Warfareplayers.

Step 4: Next enter notepad & look for the filename adv options.ini.

Step 5: Lookup the VideoMemoryScale section.

Step 6: Modify the VideoMemoryScale setting at 0.5.Finally start Call of Duty just to see if the issue has been resolved.

Method 8: Deactivate Game Overlay/Performance Monitoring Application

Numerous Dev Default values, especially Dev Error 6068, are reported to be caused by programmes with overlaid abilities. Nvidia’s GeForce Expertise, AMD Cover, Game Panel, & Discord Layering are some of these apps.

Dev Error 6068 is also reported to be caused by monitoring and evaluation apps notably MSI Afterburn. If you’re using any of these programmes, you might be able to fix the challenges by turning them off. Check the details underneath to eliminate Game Wrap in Nvidia’s GeForce Expertise:

Step 1: Leave the play and use the Task Manager to terminate all of the game’s attributes associated. To begin, open the GeForce Expertise. Press the General panel in the GeForce Expertise screen’s left side.

Step 2: Analysis to figure out the In-Game Overlays feature & flip it to the off setting. Upon finalizing your adjustments, dismiss the GeForce Experience. Afterwards start Call of Duty and see whether everything is working properly.

To turn off the Game Bar, just run the command outlined under:

Step 1: Close the play & use the Task Manager to terminate every one of the game’s existing practices.

Step 2: Just hit the Wins key & input “gaming” into the search box. Secondly, in the search queries, select Game Bar Configuration from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Flip the Game Bar button to Off in the right corner of the screen of the Game Bar setup page.

Step 4: Now start Call of Duty and see if the issue has been resolved.

If you’re using another overlaying or outcome surveillance system, deactivate it first and then ensure that Call of Duty is working properly.

Method 9: Use DirectX 11 For Call of Duty

DirectX 12 is a game API that has just been updated. When utilising DirectX 12, however, many games suffer a variety of difficulties. If that’s the case, updating the game’s parameters to use DirectX 11 should correct the DirectX error and cure the problem. We’ll use the launcher as an example of how to do things.

Step 1: Select Options from the launcher.

Step 2: Open the Game Settings window now.

Step 3: Then choose Additional Command Line Arguments for Call of Duty and type -d3d11.

Step 4: Start Call of Duty and see if the issue has been resolved.

Method 10: Clean Boot Your System

If nothing else has worked, the problem might be the consequence of a competing third-party programme or component. Fresh rebooting your pc in this scenario might assist in locating the incompatible programme and hence resolving the issue.

Step 1: Initiate your computer with a fresh reboot.

Step 2: Next run Call of Duty as administration and ensure if the issue has been resolved.

Step 3: If this is the case, attempt to discover the troublesome programme & address the matter linking them.

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Presumably, either of these solutions resolved your Dev Error 6068 issue, allowing you to return to the game. If they succeed, share the remedy with Activision as well as the COD: MW group so that others may have their game fixed as well.

If none of that works, the experts will eventually figure out what’s causing the problem and issue a workaround to correct it!