D. Valero Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Spanish cross-country mountain cyclist D. Valero was born on December 27, 1988, in Baza, Granada.

He placed third in the 2020 Olympic Games men’s cross-country competition. He competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics and placed ninth among men in the cross-country event.

2018 saw him finish third at the European Cross-Country Championship, where he had qualified to compete.

David Valero Serrano Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The Spanish BH Templo Cafés Rider Achieved a Spectacular Comeback

The Spanish cyclist for BH Templo Cafés made an incredible recovery from 35th to finish third in the men’s race at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

During the men’s mountain bike competition at the Tokyo Olympics, David Valero and the rest of the Galfer Bike team did exceptionally well.

Thanks to the GALFER brake discs and pads installed on his BH Lynx, Valero was able to make a remarkable return and advance more than 30 places.

He was in the 14th position on the starting grid, but a poor start caused him to fall behind numerous other riders and finish the race in the 35th position.

However, he quickly got back on his feet and produced an unbelievable recovery during the six circuits of the difficult and complex Izu course in Japan.

Where he eventually found himself in the thick of the action, vying for third place. Valero kept on pushing.

And eventually passed Nino Schurter, Victor Koretzky, and Anton Cooper to win the bronze medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

David Valero’s Bronze Medal Warrants a Special Edition of the Spanish Team

The cyclist on the Spanish national team led a remarkable comeback from 35th place to win the bronze medal, giving Spain what felt like a gold medal.

Having won the 16th Olympic cycling medal for Spain, he will forever be remembered as a pioneer in the sport’s annals.

Spain has been quite successful in the Olympic Games because to mountain riding.

Following Marga Fullana, José Antonio Hermida, and Carlos Coloma, David Valero has become the fourth member of the team to bring home a bronze medal.

A bronze medal in hand, David Valero reflected on his journey to the Olympics, saying, “it’s been a long path, with a lot of uncertainty because of the health issue.”

Getting this medal is like waking up from a dream. Since Rio de Janeiro, I have worked for the common aim of all athletes.

To leave a lasting impression at the Olympic Games—and I feel today that the prize is immense.


This year and the next, he has seen a massive increase in his wealth. If you had to put a price on David Valero’s services, what would you pay for a 32-year-old superstar?

Being a professional cyclist is David Valero’s main source of income. His homeland is Spain. All of David Valero’s money, salary, income, and assets have been approximated.