5 Best CRM Software Of 2024

CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management is software that helps businessmen and entrepreneurs to build a strong relationship among their customers and clients across the channels. The software guarantees an incredible experience for the clients and eventually takes them down the sales funnel.

CRM is very helpful in improving the interaction and endorsement of the companies within a database. They generate leads and are also effective in email marketing and marketing automation.

5 Best CRM Software Of 2024

There are several CRM software available on the internet. Let’s look into it in detail:

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1. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is the most popular and widely used CRM for businesses in generating leads and forming a relationship between clients and employees. It’s a great marketing suite to try. The software is mainly used by sales professionals.

It assists in capturing, growing, and tracking the leads into the database. The software also offers a free version of the software with all the upgrades and basic and advanced tools available. Features of this software include:

  • Employers can send free emails to a large crowd and track their responses.
  • By syncing your email with CRM you can organize your contacts at a place.
  • You can integrate other existing tech tools with CRM to get additional benefits.
  • Instant live chats help in attracting more customers.
  • Sales activity, Insights, and individual performances can be easily monitored.

Taking about the price, the starter pack comes for $40/month, professional for $800/month, and enterprise for $3200/month.

2. Salesforce

This is year another popular software with more than a million users worldwide. It is a cloud-based software that fulfills the requirements of all types of businesses running from sales, marketing, analytics, and many more. The key features include,

  • With the opportunity management tool, you can discover the areas where clients need your supports, which also helps in the generation of leads.
  • Users can look into the customer’s data like history, communication, social media mentions, etc.
  • Users can plan their goals and update their targets.
  • With visual workflow, users can track, share and drag their files.
  • You can set the interface based on what you prefer to see.

The basic subscription plan comes for $25/month and the professional subscription comes for $1250/month.

3. PipeDrive

This software focuses on the sales sector of the business. Its AI feature helps in generating tasks and managing leads and sales. Currently, it has about 90000 people connected to it and over $24billion deals have been passed through it. Its features include,

  • Assist in tracking the leads from chatbots and forms.
  • Users can organize the pipeline and produce custom stages.
  • Contact history, emails, chats can be monitored for setting the schedule in real-time.
  • Users can also use this software on their mobiles. A mobile-based application is available.

The software is four types of paid subscriptions available. Starting from essential, advanced, professional, and enterprise. They start at $12.5/month and go as high as $99/month.

4. Nutshell CRM

The software not only aids in generating leads and attracting customers but also assists in solving business-related problems. It is a multi-purpose that is capable of handling all types of business issues arising. The software practice Amazon Web service (AWS) platform. Its key features include,

  • Manages contact details and gets started immediately by syncing them.
  • Provides an instant look at the sales performance by giving reports, activity, and dashboard.
  • Advanced and powerful tools lead to maximum efficiency.
  • Reduces the need for an IT cell, since it offers third-party integrations like Outlook, Slack, Mailchimp, and many more.

Talking about the subscription plan, the Starter plan comes for $19/month and the Pro plan for $19/month is billed annually.

5. EngageBay

This software is also a cloud-based software that effortlessly integrates all the business functions like sales, marketing, finance, etc. Its features include,

  • Highly efficient in generating leads and monitors them throughout.
  • Tracks the visitors, offers the best customizable CTAs, scoring, and segmentation.
  • A variety of other tools and features like automated publishing, multi-account management, performs analytics.
  • A good number of forms and pop-ups are available for the users to interact and get into the endorsement.

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These were the highly used and recommended software by businessmen and entrepreneurs for growing their business. It’s a well-known fact that a business cannot be run without clients and customers. Clients’ endorsements play an important part in any business.

Hence, having a healthy relationship with the clients not only increases the profit but also helps in expanding the business. Hence, such software are in widely used today.