Chris Evans And Selena Gomez Together

Selena Gomez and Chris Evans were at the centre of a major Hollywood mystery in 2021 (which continued into 2022). How was their relationship going?

Rumors of a romantic relationship between the two began when Captain America began following the Disney Channel alum on Instagram. The internet went crazy once she paid it forward. Their followers were thrilled to see Chris Evans and Selena Gomez interacting on social media.

However, the retweet wasn’t the only *evidence* that suggested affection between them on Instagram.

The evidence, however, was highly contentious. There were some onlookers who tried to disprove these proofs, while others who felt they were correct. Some speculated that the two were actually only working together and not dating.

Chris Evans And Selena Gomez Together

There were many comments made about Selena Gomez and Chris Evans, but no responses from either star. This has led to widespread participation in the rumour mill.

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The Selena Gomez Relationship (Beginning in October 2021)

Back in the fall when dating rumours between Selena and Chris were circulating, the web was a buzz with speculation.

They were revealed to be fan fiction, but there was “evidence” that might be debated.

After Selena was mentioned in 2015 as being interested in Chris, he immediately became a popular topic of conversation when he began following her on Instagram.

Is there a Relationship Between Chris Evans and Selena Gomez? That which is Commonly Referred to as “Evidence”

Fans have been obsessively following the actors’ careers since since they started following each other on Instagram.

Anyone who cares about the couple has probably already made a case for them being an exceptional dating duo (or dated before). Popular examples of #CheLena proofs of life are included below.

Admiring a Marvel Hero

Selena Gomez sounded the alarm for a prospective “couple” when she said that Evans was “her type” before the two began following each other on Instagram. She declared her affection on the Marvel actor during an interview with Andy Cohen in 2015. Apparently, she found him adorable.

Selena borrowed Chris’s sweater.

Speculation about the pop star’s relationship with Evans was reignited when she donned a white cable-knit pullover hoodie to an SNL taping to support fellow singer Taylor Swift.

Chelena shippers and internet sleuths began their research when Swift shared a TikTok video of herself with Gomez.

Fans claim that Selena’s SNL top is eerily identical to a sweater Chris Evans wore in the 2019 film “Knives Out.”

Whether Selena appeared or not on Chris Evans’ Instagram Stories is a matter of speculation.

As soon as Chris Evans, actor of Captain America, posted a video to his Instagram story of himself playing the piano, speculations began to circulate that he and Selena Gomez were dating.

A devoted follower of his panned in on his Stories, re-uploaded the clip on TikTok, and asked if Selena Gomez appeared in it. After all, Selena had a bob haircut not dissimilar to the one the unnamed brunette in Evans’ film had.

Chelena Spotted Together?

On October 1, Selena Gomez and Chris Evans were photographed as they exited a restaurant and a recording studio, and the photographs were shared to a fan blog.

The internet almost crashed from excitement about the possible romance between the two characters since everything seemed so real.

On the other hand, Elle magazine dug a little deeper and found out that the images actually date back quite a while.

Gomez’s images from November 2017 and October 2019 that were used to prove her relationship with Evans were shot in the same month that Evans’ own photos were taken in either October 2013 or the summer of 2020.

Who Are Chris and Selena Dating, If Not Each Other?

After her highly publicised split from Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez has remained remarkably mute on the subject of her dating life. She hasn’t talked about her dating life on social media. However, she is rumoured to be dating her Only Murders in the Building co-star, Aaron Dominguez.

Rumors of a romance between them spread as photos from the set went viral. Photos of Selena allegedly “getting intimate” with her co-star on OMITB were widely mocked online. Unfortunately, the pop artist denied the reports of their relationship, particularly after Dominguez allegedly received “threats” from her fans.

Gomez also addressed the dating rumours and explained why she isn’t ready to settle down with anybody just yet.

Gomez has addressed rumours about her dating status, confirming that she is now single. She went on to say that the relationship rumours were the worst part of being an actor, but that she dealt with them professionally whenever possible.

Selena Gomez is loving being a third or fifth wheel in her friends’ relationships for the time being. To the camera in May of 2022, she declared that she was “completely comfortable with being single” in a TikTok she had recorded. As the camera pulls back, we see that all of her close acquaintances are committed to romantic partnerships.

However, Chris Evans is also a very eligible bachelor. On the other hand, he isn’t just interested in hooking up as Gomez is; he’s serious about it.

A recent revelation of his stated his “laser concentration” on dating at the moment. While Evans appreciates his career as a Hollywood actor, he admits he longs for a partner into whom he can “give all of yourself.” At the end of the piece, he expresses a desire to find a life partner.

Evans has also expressed an interest in starting a family in the not-too-distant future. The actor has made no secret of his desire to raise a family and is already a doting father to rescue dog Dodger. To Men’s Journal, he professed his love for “pedestrian, domestic things” like a family.

This Gray Man actor was most recently linked to actress Jenny Slate, whom he dated for a year (2016–2017). He’s been on the market ever since and is eager to meet someone.

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Whether or not Chris Evans and Selena Gomez ever had a romantic relationship is unknown. It’s possible they’ll never confirm or deny the relationship rumours. Well, that’s fine by me. Everybody thinking Selena was dating Chris was a fun episode for fans to rewatch.