China And Russia Are Giving Authoritarianism A Bad Name

Once the conflict started going badly, how many Russian military officers who were watching that humiliation were willing to tell Putin the truth about Ukraine? The Russian military was able to indiscriminately bomb its way out of any problem while facing enemies in Georgia, Syria, Crimea, and Chechnya.

China And Russia Are Giving Authoritarianism A Bad Name

NATO’s Most Advanced Precision Weapons And Training

Until now, Putin’s force has been fighting a highly determined Ukrainian army, backed by some of NATO’s most advanced precision weapons and training, and the rot has really begun to emerge. In western Ukraine, Russian tank and logistical troops were reduced to a smouldering heap of wreckage.

So incompetent was the Russian Navy that it was able to allow the command ship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, the Moskva missile cruiser, to be so badly damaged by two Ukrainian-made anti-ship cruise missiles, called Neptunes, that the Moskva sank into the sea off Ukraine last week—the largest loss of a naval ship in battle in 40 years.

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There must have been a series of systems failures that allowed an enemy anti-ship missile to take out the Russian flagship in charge of the flotilla’s air defence and carry 64 S-300F Rif air defence missiles.

Furthermore, Neptune missiles are not necessarily “ship killers,” as previously stated. As a “mission killer,” they were probably designed to cripple the radar and electronics of advanced destroyers like the Moskva, rather than sink them directly.

As a result, I feel sorry for the captain who was forced to inform Putin that Russia’s meanest and most monster cruiser in the Black Sea, said to be his favourite, had been sunk by a Ukrainian missile fired in war.

China is Based on the Hard Labour and Manufacturing Talents

Unlike Russia, China is based on the hard labour and manufacturing talents of its people, guided by a top-down, iron-fisted, yet eager-to-learn-from-abroad Chinese Communist Party. It is a much more serious country. At least in the past, I’ve been eager to learn.

Fight Off a Pandemic on its Own

Economic progress and a sense of self-worth have made China’s government assume it can fight off a pandemic on its own. With its own vaccinations instead of importing superior ones from the West, as well as its extremely efficient system of totalitarian control, China decided on a “zero Covid” policy that included restricting travel, conducting mass testing, and isolating anyone or any area where Covid-19 had been detected.

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Last Words

Getting through the epidemic with fewer deaths and a more open economy would send a strong message to the rest of the world that Chinese communist is better than American democracy.