10 Chia Anime Alternative Sites

The Japanese form of animation (anime) is the next big thing. Anime has garnered global popularity through its awe-inspiring visuals and often heart-wrenching stories. As a result of this popularity, online platforms dishing out free anime have also become popular.

The rise of directors like Hayao Miyazaki, Makoto Shinkai, and Isao Takahata has played a great role in bringing anime content out to the mainstream media platforms.

Dragon ball-Z, Naruto, and One Piece have all won the hearts of children and adults alike through their theme of perseverance and hard work combined with fascinating, fast-paced, electrifying fight scenes.

Chia anime is one such site that has become wildly popular because of the enormous quantity they provide.

Quality HD content, perfectly synced subtitles and its free platform has garnered positive feedback. However, it might happen that you find yourself unable to visit the site sometimes.

10 Chia Anime Alternative Sites

It is also possible that you might be looking for some variety while watching anime online. We are here to provide you with 10 such great alternatives to Chia anime which would be absolutely worth your time

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1. GoGoAnime

Perhaps the most popular anime streaming site, GoGoAnime is known for its user-friendly interface and its latest content. GoGo anime provides different dub and subtitle languages and also updates its content systematically.

Movies, anime series, manga are all sorted under different lists for ease of search. You can also select by genre of any movie/series you want to watch according to your mood.

However, to reap the full benefits of this wonderful site you would need to register with your email account. Once registered, you can even share your favorite content across different platforms with your friends!

2. KissAnime

Beloved by many, KissAnime is another one of the popular names on our list. They provide great content and lets you stream as much as you want to for free. The interface is designed quite well with distinct sections displaying and highlighting the basic features.

Regularly updated and maintained, KissAnime is a neat and tidy website that provides a quaint experience to any anime watcher. To top it all off, they provide good HD quality on their content, ranging from 240p all the way to 1080p.

3. Animeheaven

The best part about Animeheaven is that it not only lets you watch your favorite anime for free but it also lets you download it without subscribing to any other paid feature. Animeheaven has a library of great content – from Shonen to slice-of-life anime.

The website is regularly updated and every anime comes with a little description of the plot and the characters. This helps the viewer to choose better. Animeheaven also sports a useful search bar where you can simply type and look up the movie/series you are searching for.

4. Animeultima

Animeultima has a download option for more or less every anime content that they have.They have a wide variety of content to cater to a large audience and thus the traffic on this site is high.

They also provide HD picture quality in some of the contents Animeultima is unique because it not only streams the general anime movies and series but also has a collection of anime dramas.

5. Animeland

Designed in a simple manner, the homepage of Animeland is all you would need to choose your content. On the top, there are many categories mentioned from where you can choose your desired anime.

Movies, series and other animes are distributed in an orderly manner according to their genres. Animeland also provides captivating high-definition content which would make you want to visit this site again.

6. Animestreams

AnimeStreams is an excellent streaming choice for most because of its no ads policy. There are hardly any pop-up ads and thus you are provided with an impeccable anime experience without any unwarranted interruption.

The site has a great library of content divided under categories such as – Anime movies, Dubbed, Anime series etc. The web design is very appealing and pleasing to look at. Routinely updated and well maintained, Animestreams should be worth a try.

7. 9animes

9animes has a ton of great features which is very captivating for any anime lover. Its extended library provides great content. There are rarely any ads that would bother your stream.

The categories and sub-categories are maintained in a distinct manner that would help you choose your content easily. 9anime even lets you select your desired content according to language, season, year of release etc. Overall, this site is indeed one of the top free anime browsing sites.

8. Animefreak

Animefreak displays content with in-built subtitles readily. This free platform houses most of the major anime movies and TV shows. You can browse through their list of categories and select your program according to your mood.

Animefreak is an excellent free platform with great user reviews and is indeed a great alternative to Chia Anime.

9. Animenova

The home page of Animenova is densely filled with a huge number of categories where you can choose your anime from. The design is quite plain and straightforward. Animenova provides a user-friendly interface as well.

There is also a separate HD category where all the movies and shows are available in high-definition. You may encounter ads but they are considerably lower than Animenova’s counterparts.

In essence, this platform provides a neat and appreciable anime experience and is a good enough replacement for Chia Anime.

10. Anime Planet

Anime planet is well and truly one of the giants of online anime sites. The site boasts of having over forty-five thousand legal and industry-supported anime contents. The amount of shonen anime that Anime-Planet houses are second to none.

The web design is aesthetic and the content is well maintained and updated regularly. The interface of Anime Planet is very user-friendly and ads are almost non-existent. The subtitles are timed perfectly and the HD quality is impeccable.

There are also many premium features that you yourself can avail simply by registering on this site. You can talk, interact, comment and share your favourite animes with likeminded anime lovers or your friends.

Overall, Anime Planet provides an extremely satisfying and wholesome viewing experience.

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It can be quite difficult to find your desired anime movie or show on mainstream OTT platforms.This is why online anime streaming sites are important and relevant to anime lovers.

After careful research, experience, and judging of feedback, we have listed the top 10 anime viewing sites that are efficient as an alternative to Chia anime. With three or more such sites in your bag, you can watch pretty much any anime movie, drama, TV show, and even read the mangas.

However, it is imperative that you procure a good antivirus and an efficient VPN. This is because some of the free sites might install malware on your device.

A good and working anti-virus is thus necessary to deal with this nuisance. A VPN would help you hide your IP address and stream sites which may be banned in your location.