Charmed Bruce Bozzi

Mr. Bozzi came to see that much of his personality is the result of other people’s interactions with him. A “son” on the Palm was referred to as such. Bozzi became a “husband” in 2016 when he married Hollywood agent Brian Lourdes.

Mr. Bozzi has long been referred to as Andy Cohen’s “best friend” in the celebrity tabloids; the two have been pals for about 30 years. (Yes, they were delivered to Mr. Diller’s yacht.)


Bruce’s friendship with Sarah Jessica Parker, who has known Mr. Bozzi since the 1990s, is “very essential,” she said. Even though so much of his life has been tied to others—everyone, everyone, other—I think he craves the freedom to be himself and be accepted as such.”

There’s No Better Place for James Bond Than a Homosexual Club

Mr. Bozzi had considered starting a restaurant of his own, perhaps in the style of the original Palm, which had a creepy atmosphere. The theatre sector of New York City had been a target for him, but he later changed his mind. “I still have the scars of another,” he remarked.

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Family And Kids

A 14-year-old daughter lives with Mr. Bozzi and Mr. Lourdes in Beverly Hills. Mr. Bozzie remarked gently, “I don’t want to be an absentee father.” “As a child, I saw my father only a few times.”

Instead, He Decided to Become a Booze Tycoon and a Well-Known Podcaster and Podcaster

It was formed by Mr. Bozzi and his girlfriend Sondra Baker in November. Japanese rice liquor, or shochu, is the primary ingredient in this product range.

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Kenneth Orkin, an ambitious investor and entrepreneur, is also a partner at Mujen, which is owned by Ms. Baker’s husband, Kenneth. Casamigos, the George Clooney-led tequila brand, sold for roughly $1 billion in 2017, while Aviation American Gin, co-founded by Ryan Reynolds, sold for $610 million in 2020. The cash potential are appealing.