Charisma Precious Amoe-Tarrant Olympics Games Tokyo 2020

Valued Highly for Charming Personality Amoe-Tarrant, an Australian weightlifter, was born in Nauru on May 26, 1999.

At the 2018 Commonwealth Games, she competed in the women’s +90 kg division and brought home silver for Nauru.

In 2019, Amoe-Tarrant competed for Australia in the Pacific Games in Samoa, where she won bronze in the +87 kg snatch.

Charisma Precious Amoe-Tarrant Olympics Games Tokyo 2020

She has now qualified to compete for Australia in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. With a total lift of 243 kilogrammes, she placed sixth in the women’s +87 kg category.

In-depth coverage of her performance at the 2020 Summer Olympics for Australia is provided in the book.

Exuding Australasian Charm Emily Campbell, the face of England at the Olympics, wins gold, and Tessa Amoe-Tarrant lifts for her late mother and uncle.

Australia’s Charisma Amoe-Tarrant Lifts for Her Late Mother and Uncle, While England’s Face of the Games, Emily Campbell, Wins Gold

Amoe-Tarrant claims she was under a lot of stress in the lead-up to the Olympics and competed despite knee and elbow ailments.

Hearing the cheers of the crowd, Amoe-Tarrant mustered all her strength to complete a clean and jerk, which gave her the bronze medal by a margin of 1 kilogramme.

The most enduring Australian representative from Sydney 2000 was Cathy Freeman, and in Birmingham 2022, England’s co-flagbearer Emily Campbell took up the role.

Australian weightlifter Eileen Cikamatana Becomes first woman to Win Commonwealth Gold for Two Countries

At the Birmingham Games, Cikamatana earned Australia’s first weightlifting gold with lifts in the 87-kilogram category that were far superior to those of her competitors.

More importantly, by taking the 90-kilogram gold for Fiji on the Gold Coast, she has become the first woman to do it in the history of the Commonwealth Games.

After a disagreement with Fiji’s weightlifting regulatory body about where she should train, Cikamatana moved to Australia shortly after the Gold Coast Games.

Cikamatana displayed her immense potential in Birmingham, but she was still ineligible when the Olympics were held in Tokyo, thus she was unable to compete there.

With a snatch lift of 110 kilogrammes, Cikamatana broke the Olympic Games record in the category. Her first try at a clean and jerk with 129 kilogrammes put her in the lead.

The clean and jerk and Games records were both broken by Cikamatana’s second lift of 137 kg, which also earned him the gold medal.


Powerful female in Australia Nauru’s pride, the charismatic Precious Amoe-Tarrant. Has dedicated her super-heavyweight weightlifting medal to the people of her country and the United States.

Emily Campbell, the new sporting cult hero of England, won an exciting competition.

But Nauru’s Amoe-Tarrant, who was born on the Pacific island of that name, claimed bronze in the green and gold.