3 Ways to Fix Can’t Find The Name of Intel ICD OpenGL Driver [RESOLVED]

You may have encountered the error “Can’t find the name of the Intel ICD OpenGL driver”. Such type of error usually occurs if users have upgraded their old version of Windows 10 to a new version. Hence when you update your Windows, there might be a possibility that the Intel graphic card driver is not updated and are still in their old version. There are also chances of installing an Incompatible HD Intel driver while updating the Windows which is causing the issue.

There are some of the applications which have faced a similar issue of “Can’t find the name of the Intel ICD OpenGL driver”.

  • Nvidia Control Panel
  • Nvidia GeForce Experience
  • Advanced Arduino Telemetry and Data Visualization
  • Gephi for Homework Purposes
  • GeoGebra Classic
  • Ultima Online
  • Net Vu Observer
  • Wakfu (Steam version)
  • Battle.net
  • Google Chrome

The methods will help you solve the “Can’t find the name of the Intel ICD OpenGL driver” error. Go through them and fix your issue.

Method 1: Downloading the Latest Intel Graphics Driver Version

If you download the latest version then you are problem-free. The latest Intel graphic driver version will not cause any issue and resolve the issue.

Step 1: Visit the official Intel website.

Step 2: Click on the Download Center.

Step 3: Go and click on the Graphics option.

Step 4: Select the Graphic card number appropriate to your system.

Step 5: Then, choose the matching .exe file of your Windows and download it.

Step 6: Once you are done installing the new driver restart your computer and check if the error still exists.

Method 2: Changing the Application Version to Your PC Architecture

Some users have reported that in some cases old driver version is not the problem. In fact, the problem is with the improper application architecture version. The point is “Can’t find the name of the Intel ICD OpenGL driver” error will not only occur if there is an outdated graphic driver but also when it has an incompatibility application architecture version.

The application architecture version will occur when the user attempts to open a specific application that is designed to run on 32-bit systems from a 64-bit computer or vice versa. Follow the steps to check your right application architecture version and install it.

Step 1: Go to the Start button and search for the command prompt.

Step 2: Open the command prompt and type the following command:

wmic os get osarchitecture

Under OS architecture currently being used architecture is displayed in the command prompt.

Well now you are aware of our OS architecture, the application which you are trying to run should have the same bit version. In case if it fails to match the same bit version, uninstall it and then reinstall the proper bit version which compatible with your system.

Step 3: When you are done installing the proper version, restart your computer.

Method 3: Rolling Back To An Older Intel Graphic Driver Version

This is the last method which you be at rescue if the above two methods weren’t fruitful for you. The possibility can be if Intel hasn’t released an updated driver for your model yet. Then the good option is jumping back to your old versions which were functioning without any error. These steps will help you to download the proper old version which is suitable for your system.

Step 1: Go to the (link).

Step 2: According to your Windows version and OS architecture download the compatible Intel version.

You can easily lay hands on many different Intel versions. Although it is known that version 15.40 is one of the stable releases. Download different versions from Intel’s Download Center. If the newly downloaded version gives the same problem “Can’t find the name of the Intel ICD OpenGL driver” error, then move on and try different other old versions.

Step 3: Then, choose the matching .exe file of your Windows and download it.

Step 4:  After installing the new driver restart your computer. Then you are good to go.


Those were a few methods that will help you not only to download the latest drivers but also will help you to choose the right application architecture version.

It will also help you to download the old version according to your system. Try and follow the steps properly without making any mistakes. Once you follow all the above steps your issue will remove within no time.