Can We Healthy Conversations Online

You’re probably familiar with the worst parts: trolling, misinformation, and spats that quickly turn political and escalate out of control. Online discussions, on the other hand, have the potential to be respectful and intelligent.

On Facebook Group

In the Facebook group Vaccine Communicate, a mix of procedures and active moderation is used to create a society of reality-based primarily information exchange.


On Reddit

there are communities where people may discuss hot topics without resorting to personal attacks. And just recently, Twitter released a new feature called “Communities” to aid in the identification of productive talks.

What can we learn from the places where we have productive discussions? What is it that these teams are doing so well?

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How To Make Successful online Discussions

If you want to know what makes some of the most successful online communities tick, will be on hand to answer your questions in this Situations digital event. She’ll meet with a high-ranking exec from one of the most popular social media sites to discuss how they deal with tumultuous conversations in their communities.

Before the party, we’d like to encourage you to participate in our own experiment in healthy group discussion.

Improving the flow of information

It is possible to develop the skill of open and unambiguous communication. Some people find it difficult to articulate their thoughts and may require time and support to do so. Some of these people may be excellent listeners, while others may be people whose actions speak louder than words.

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In situations where our words and sentiments don’t match, it’s typically the nonverbal communication that’s taken as gospel. An example of this is saying “I love you” to your lover in a monotone tone of voice. Check to see if your body language matches your words. Thanks for Reading. Have a Good day!