Bulgaria Upsets Roc in Group Rhythmic Gymnastics Final

The Russian Olympic Committee was widely considered the favourite to win gold in the group all-around competition at the Tokyo Olympics, but bronze medalist Bulgaria shocked the world by taking home the trophy instead.

At the end of the first rotation, Bulgaria had the highest five-ball score of the competition with 47.550. The nation then scored 44.550 in its hoops and clubs routine, bringing its total score to 92.100.

Bulgaria Upsets Roc in Group Rhythmic Gymnastics Final

Bulgaria Upsets Roc in Group Rhythmic Gymnastics Final

For ROC to overtake Bulgaria and win the competition, it needed a score of 45.900 or higher on its hoops and clubs routine, while a score of 41.500 or higher was sufficient for silver. In the end, ROC scored 44.200 in Rotation 2 to improve from a first-place 46.200 to a second-place 90.700.

The ROC had an initial score of 44.200 on Rotation 2, and after submitting an enquiry to have its score evaluated, it was unable to move up the podium.

With a final score of 87.700, Italy won the bronze medal (44.850 in Rotation 1 and 42.850 in Rotation 2).

Individual and team gold medals had been won by Russia for the previous five consecutive Olympics, but in Tokyo, the country’s sportsmen finished a disappointing second (the group discipline was added to the Olympic lineup in 1996 and Spain won the first edition).

In the individual final, Israel’s Linoy Ashram defeated three-time world champion and defending champion Dina Averina.

Despite a respectable 11th place performance in qualification, the American rhythmic group failed not make it to the final round.

 Competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

On Sunday, the Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics team won the gold medal in the team all-around competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

With a total score of 92.100, the Bulgarian team easily won the competition, with the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) coming in second with 90.700. The Italian team scored 87.700 and placed third.

A team from Bulgaria led by Simona Dyankova, Stefani Kiryakova, Madlen Radukanova, Laura Traets, and Erika Zafirova won both rounds of the final and qualified first overall.

The Bulgarian gymnasts had the highest score after the first spin of five balls, with 38.800. Both in terms of complexity and smoothness of execution, they were unrivalled.

With a 36.200-difficulty routine in three hoops and two clubs, they were able to increase their lead over the ROC team in the second rotation by a margin of 0.050 points.

Final Words

The gymnasts from ROC, the second qualifying team, were the last to compete on the floor and ended up in second place in both routines. When they inquired about their three hoops and two clubs, they were given a 0.300 boost; nonetheless, this was not enough to defeat their Bulgarian rivals.

Russia had won five straight Olympic gold medals in the group all-around event of rhythmic gymnastics.

The Chinese squad scored 84.550 total points, good for fourth place.