Boeing Faces New Upheaval After Crash Of Chinese Airliner

Analysts had predicted that the plane will resume flying there within the next few months. Although its return may become entwined with a probe into the disaster of the 737-800 NG, analysts said, with Chinese authorities being wary to bring back the Max as they investigate a crash with its predecessor.

The MCAS flight-control software programme, which the Max is the only commercial airliner to use, was immediately linked to the Max crashes. When the aircraft was upgraded from the NG, or Subsequent Era, line, that system was launched to the max to account for the alterations made..

Boeing Faces New Upheaval After Crash Of Chinese Airliner

US investigations

Earlier this week, Boeing stated that it has been in communication with China Japanese Airways and the National Transportation Security Board, which are the company’s primary US investigations into the disaster.

The security board stated that it had hired a top investigator as a consultant and that Boeing, the manufacturer of the plane’s engines, and the Federal Aviation Administration would provide technical expertise.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China, China’s aviation regulator, was also told by Boeing that its technical consultants were “ready to help”.

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Passenger Capacity and Travel Range

In the skies, there is no better plane than the Boeing 737-800 NG. Between 1998 and 2020, Boeing sold more than 5,000 of the planes, far more than any of its other business planes, according to Boeing information.

Its passenger capacity and travel range make it an attractive option for airlines, especially when paired with the Max. When flying domestically, single-aisle planes are often employed. However, several airlines also use them for shorter international flights.

China is a critical market for Boeing and the 737 family. According to Cirium, an aviation knowledge provider, around 17% of the 25,000 passenger planes in operation globally are Boeing 737-800 NGs. Nearly 1,200 people live in China, followed by about 1,000 people in Europe and about 800 people in the United States. 265 of American Airways, 205 of Southwest Airways, and 136 of Delta Air Traces are in service in the United States. Cirium has 77.

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Aside from the United States, China has the potential to be the second-largest market for Boeing aircraft. Last year, the company predicted that by 2040, the number of business planes in China would treble, necessitating the purchase of almost $1.47 trillion worth of new planes for the country’s airways.