Bad system config info error is a stop code error that checks for bugs and tells about problems in processing in windows. This leads to crashing of system and causes Blue screen of Death(BSOD).

It is mainly caused due to malfunctioning of the system and registry files or the Boot configuration Data(BCD) file. Some boot order files in BCD ,or even some older ones ,may conflict with newer ,stable files. This errors prevents computer from booting up .The bug check error can be also caused due to :

  • Faulty hardware
  • Incorrect system setti
  • A bad driver
  • Installing an important update

Well, it may be a very irritating problem, but it can be fixed by some easy methods listed below:

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Take a look.

1. Check Your RAM And Hard Drive

The condition of RAM and Hard Drive can be the reason for the bad system config info error. To check the condition, open your PC and look inside to see if it is in good condition or not. Also, check if hard drives SATA cables are properly connected.

If there is more RAM stick than one ,remove other sticks and leave just one. If error gets solved after any sticks of RAM got removed ,probably there is a problem with your RAM sticks. If RAM and hard drives are connected perfectly ,check on the health condition. Replace the faulty components, if found.

In case your RAM and hard drive is completely fine with perfect connection ,then there may be some other cause . So, let’s move on to the next method.

   2. Update Or Reinstall Driver

Faulty or incompatible drivers can also be the cause of this error ,which leads to BSOD errors. The solution of this is uninstalling any drivers which seem not correctly working or incompatible.

Steps to do so are:-

Step 1: First open window device manager by first tapping the start button and typing device manager.

Step 2: Next, in device manager, tap Action.

Step 3: Afterwards scan for hardware changes and look to see if any yellow exclamation mark symbol appears next to any device.

Step 4: If there is any fault driver, right click and click “Update Driver”.

Step 5: Then if the problem continues ,right click the driver and tap ”Uninstall device”.

Your faulty driver will get uninstalled. After rebooting the PC, it will automatically reinstall the driver.

3. BCD Edit Command

Incorrect system configuration like when number of processors and value of memory amount is not accurate can lead to this issues. Also, using a large number of processors leads to heating of devices causing BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO error.

Also, incorrect values of memory amount leads to stopping the computer from booting up. This can be resolved by doing the methods mentioned below:-

Step 1: First,tap the start button and click power.

Step 2: Then, long press the shift button and tap restart.

Step 3: Next, select troubleshooting from the “choose an option” screen.

Step 4: Next, choose “advanced option” and select Command Prompt.

Step 5: Afterwards, computer will restart and choose an account you want, from displayed Command Prompt blue screen.

Step 6: Next, Click enter and type your password.

Step 7: Type the following commands:

bcdedit/deletevalue {default} numproc

bcdedit/deletevalue {default} truncatememorybcdedit/deletevalue {default} numproc

bcdedit/deletevalue {default} truncatememory

bcdedit/deletevalue {default} numproc

bcdedit/deletevalue {default} truncatememorybcdedit/deletevalue {default} numproc

bcdedit/deletevalue {default} truncatememory

Step 8: Finally close the command prompt and start windows again.

4. Fix BCD Files

Corrupted BCD files can also cause this error and will not let you use safe mode and windows altogether.

To fix that, follow the steps below:

Step 1: First, insert the bootable DVD or USB flash drive and boot your PC from it.

Step 2: Then, select Next and click on Repair your computer.

Step 3: Next, select troubleshooting and click Advanced options.

Step 4: Then, press over Command Prompt and enter following lines  and tap enter after each line.

bootrec /repairbcd

bootrec /osscan

bootrec /repairmbr

For this solution ,you will need Windows  10 installation DVD or bootable USB flash driver with Windows 10. In case ,you don’t have it ,easily create one by using MEDIA CREATION TOOL.

Also, the last command will delete Master Boot records and will create them again, so be careful  while using. After process is done, close Command Prompt and restart PC.

5. Fix The Registry 

Windows registry is used for storing information of system settings and applications. Registers controls Windows startup ,loading off hardware ,drive and some Windows applications.

Well, sometimes there can be some registry issues which causes this error. It can be solved by following steps:-

Step 1: First, boot from Windows 10 or 11 installation DVD.

Step 2: Next, click Troubleshoot and select Advanced Options.

Ste 3: Then, click over command prompt and enter following lines:

cd C:\Windows\System32\config

ren C:\Windows\System32\config\DEFAULT DEFAULT. old

ren C:\Windows\System32\config\SAM SAM. old

ren C:\Windows\System32\config\SECURITY SECURITY. old

ren C:\Windows\System32\config\SOFTWARE SOFTWARE. old

ren C:\Windows\System32\config\SYSTEM SYSTEM. old

Doing this and pressing Enter after each line, folders will get renamed, and Windows can’t use them again. They can be deleted too.

Step 4: Next enter these lines:

copy C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBackDEFAULT C:\Windows\System32\config\

copy C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBackDEFAULT C:\Windows\System32\config\

copy C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBackSAM C:\Windows\System32\config\

copy C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBackSECURITY C:\Windows\System32\config\

copy C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBackSYSTEM C:\Windows\System32\config\

copy C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBackSOFTWARE C:\Windows\System32\config\

This process will copy to the register’s backup and will change all old files.

Finally close Command Prompt and restart.

6. System Restore

Users can also perform system restore to get rid of this problem. For doing so, the steps are:-

Step 1: First, click start and tap power.

Step 2: Then, long press shift and select restart.

Step 3: Next, tap troubleshooting and tap the advanced option.

Step 4: Next click system restore.

Step 5: Then, choose username and follow the screen prompt.

Step 6: Finally, tap the restore point you want and click Next and wait for the process to complete.

7. Reset Windows 10/11

If none of the above worked ,the only option left with is Resetting Windows. Resetting will clear all bugs and issues ,and will solve this error.

For, resetting ,follow the below steps:

Step 1: First, click start and power.

Step 2: Next, long press shift and click restart.

Step 3: Afterwards, click troubleshoot and then ‘reset this PC’.

Step 4: Next, click “Remove everything and choose “Only derive where windows is installed and then just remove my files.

Step 5: Finally, click reset and wait for the process to complete.

Also, probably create a backup before resetting. Finally you will get fresh Windows installed  and bugs will get cleared once this is done. Hopefully, reset will fix the problem if it is a software problem.

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Those were all methods that had been proved to work for this issue and these methods didn’t take much time to complete. We hope this article worked for you and the error got resolved.