5 Best Architecture Software Platforms

Nowadays, architectures and engineers prefer structuring buildings and houses using 3D architecture software. The architecture software provides a glimpse and mini model of the building that are designed.

5 Best Architecture Software Platforms

This reduces the efforts and errors and mistakes while constructing an actual building. The majority of architects are using this software. Some of their popular choices are listed below,

1. AutoCAD

Among all the architecture software made so far, AutoCAD is rated as the best software by the users. Originally developed in the year 1982, the purpose of this software was to bring about the world of computer-aided design (CAD) from mainframe to personal computers. By the year 1986, this software became one of the most used CAD programs across the globe.

Designers and Architectures considers this software as the best software for producing building designs and toolkits. The software is also used for illustrations and producing 2D to 3D conversions of various shapes and objects. It is a highly dominating software right now in the industry which supports other designing tools and software.

The software supports all types of devices. Its mobile application version is also available. The software offers a free one-month trial. Its paid service comes in a variety of subscription plans.

  • Annual – $1775
  • Monthly – $220
  • Three-year subscription – $4795

2. SketchUp

SketchUp is yet another architecture tool that is used mostly by beginners. The software was developed in the year 2000 with the purpose to produce 3D designs and illustrations of buildings. The software is favorable for designs such as interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering designs, etc.

It also comes with a free web-based trial. The software is also used by students in learning 3D modeling before getting into more advanced tools. The software comes with two types of subscription plans. The first is SketchUp pro that costs $299/year. It has most of the basic tools and services available for the users in designing and 3D modeling.

3. Rhino

This software was created in 1998 and is best known for its ability to produce 3D models and illustrations. Rhino tends to use mathematical models for producing 3D shapes rather than using the mesh method that is mostly used by majority of software.

With its advanced tools and features, users can perform some of the sophisticated tasks as well. It can perform the best complex intersection of curved roofings that aren’t straight, which is normally very difficult to perform in other such software. The software suits both professionals and beginners.

Hence, it becomes easier for beginners to start their task, rather than spending time learning CAD. The software has a wide range of objects and structures available for drawing and creating. It comes with a one-time subscription of $995. Its 90-day free trial version is also available.

4. Revit

This software was originally developed in 1997, but its first-ever version came into use in 2000. The software is best suited for architectures, engineers, and designers for their building and construction plans. In 2002, the software was acquired by AutoCAD. And since then it came to be known as AutoCAD Revit.

Revit software is highly advanced, yet easy to use. It lets users produce models and structures using objects like roofs, beams, windows, etc, rather than using simple lines. Overall it’s a great tool with a variety of shapes and structures to choose and produce designs.

Talking about the pricing, it comes with an annual subscription of $2545, a monthly of $320- and a three-year subscription of $6a 870. But apart from this, they have a 30-day free trial plan.

5. 3D Studio Max

This software was launched in the year 1996 as a 3D computer graphic design software that is mainly used for making 3D animation, models, games, images, etc. The software is in great demand among game developers.

But apart from that they also produce incredible architectural visualization. Taking about the pricing, it starts from $215 per month to $4590 for three years. It comes with a 30-day trial as well.


These are some of the most used software for designers and engineers when it comes to designing buildings and infrastructure with the help of 3D objects and structures. If you’re the one looking for software, this list may be enough for you to choose from.