Apple Can’t Delay App Store Payment Changes, Judge Rules

Apple had been getting a lot of profit from the developers and the businesses that come to their app store. They used to take almost 15% to 30% of the cut that had been given to the company. This was really troublesome for the small businesses, and it had tormented a lot of businesses on the App store.

This had been brought to court, and the judge had ordered Apple to allow the companies to have an alternate link provided to their customers when they are going to make any in-app purchases.

Apple can’t delay App Store payment changes, judge rules in Epic Games case

This is indeed a big change that is going to cost Apple a whole lot of revenue, but this is also going to make the people have a lot of freedom with their payment options, and a lot of small businesses will be prevented from going out of business or bankrupt.

Yes, this had been seen to happen before too. This had been a really sad turn of events that will probably be solved soon because even though Apple had put a lot of resistance on the matter, they could not delay the inevitable. They have to make the changes soon enough.

“In short, Apple’s motion is based on a selective reading of this Court’s findings and ignores all of the findings which supported the injunction, namely incipient antitrust conduct including supercompetitive commission rates resulting in extraordinarily high operating margins and which have not been correlated to the value of its intellectual property,” Rogers wrote in the order that had been passed to the people, and now he had been calling Apple’s motion “fundamentally flawed.”

This all makes sense in the way that Apple does seem to think only about their own profit and not the well-being of all of their business owners who come to their platform.

We are expecting a change anytime soon. But maybe Apple is not going to back away that easily and pull something out of the club. That is all for now. We do hope to bring you some good news soon. Change is the inevitable thing to happen. We will report it to you.