12 Best Alternative Sites of AnimeFreak

The Japanese form of animation (anime) has been around for more than a hundred years but it has had a global boom in the last few decades.

Exceptional filmmaking combined with intriguing, unique plots led to this worldwide popularity and thereby the worldwide demand. Anime is now held in such high regard that it almost rivals mainstream cartoons.

Over the last five-six years, there has been a consequent increase in online platforms which stream anime. Websites like Animefreak have played an integral part in popularising oriental art forms all over the world.

We will now explore 12 such sites which let you watch your favorite anime without any unwanted interruption.

A list of 12 Best Alternative Sites of AnimeFreak

Here we have provided you with a list of the top 12 sites which you can use as an alternative to the AnimeFreak site. You can choose any one of them according to your preference. So, let’s gets started.

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1. CrunchyRoll

The most popular anime streaming platform, CrunchyRoll is an empire in itself. It houses all the major anime movies and shows. CrunchyRoll provides great variation in the choice of subtitles. The available languages include English, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Italian, etc.

You can also download any content you want to but for that, you would need to register yourself with an active e-mail account. CrunchyRoll offers a decent 720p viewing quality which is tidy.

You can also log into your CrunchyRoll account from your PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBOX 360, Android, and Apple devices among many other devices.

2. Anime-Planet

Providing a ton of Shonen anime and action-based anime, Anime-Planet is a giant among the streaming platforms. You can watch most of your desired anime movies, shows on this platform.

There are many filters and tabs that will help you sort through the library of content and select accordingly. The number of ads here is considerably lesser than the other online platforms.

Anime-Planet also lets you share their content and interact with other viewers. You can also comment and review the watched content. However, in order to enable such settings, you will need to register your email account.

3. AnimeFreak

One of the most convenient sites to watch anime online without any hassle, AnimeFreak has been around for a long time. It’s a great stop-and-go platform to watch your content as you don’t need to register here to watch.

There is also a search bar at the top that brings you your desired content faster. AnimeFreak provides reviews, a list of episodes and other details when you click on any show. This allows the viewer to get a better idea about what he/she is about to watch.

The option to download certain content is also available but external applications/tools would be required for that.

4. 9Anime

9anime houses a lot of content on their website for free. The web page is neatly designed and the filters they provide are ingenious. The quality of high-definition offered is commendable.

New Releases, Popular and Trending animes are sorted and displayed accordingly. A large variety of both dubbed and subtitled anime content is available.

5. AnimeFrenzy

Similar to AnimeFreak, Animefrenzy has an extended library having lots of content. They even provide the absolute latest content to be streamed for free. Animefrenzy is quite the crowd puller because of its multifaceted content.

Not only do they have the latest anime shows available but also American animated content. This website is also a great option for the viewers who cannot decide what to watch since Animefrenzy provides a unique “random” button that randomly generates a show for you to watch!

6. Netflix

You probably already know about this website and chances are you already have an account on Netflix. Netflix houses a lot of anime shows and movies and provides a premium viewing experience with perfectly synced subtitles and outstanding HD picture quality.

Netflix has nearly all Studio Ghibli movies and a great variety of Shonen anime (including Naruto and Death Note). The only real drawback of using Netflix is that it’s a paid platform.

However, you can always use the one-month free subscription they offer before deciding whether to go ahead with the full-time subscription or not.

7. Animedao

Animedao boasts an extensive library filled to the brim with the latest anime shows and movies. They also offer the additional feature of reading Manga online for free. The interface is user-friendly and ads are rare. Furthermore, it has a unique “request” option where you can request for a show/season to be added.

8. Animekarma 

Animekarma’s main page has a ton of filters and tiles featuring anime content for you to choose from. You will find most of the major anime shows and movies here. They provide quite good HD picture quality considering that it’s a free platform for everyone to use.

Sorting options like genre, year of release and advanced search options let you browse through their huge library of anime content effortlessly.

You can also use the “random” content generator they provide in case of uncertainty. Overall, it’s an efficient alternative to Animefreak.

9. Aniwatcher

A plain website with great content is what every Anime lover desires and Aniwatcher provides just that. The interface is easy to use and the home page is neat and tidy. A plethora of filters and generators are available for you to find your desired anime easily.

They provide the latest content with both sub and dub options. There is the occasional pop-up ad but you can simply remove them with a click.

Aniwatcher is regularly maintained and updated by the developers to retain its simple yet effective nature. It’s a great option for both casual as well as the devoted anime watcher.

10. Animelab

Boasting their free and more importantly legal platform, Animelab dishes out the latest content at the expense of nothing. Their webpage is really aesthetic and a variety of filters are available.

The HD picture quality that Animelab promises is as good as Netflix’s premium HD. Ads are very rare and almost non-existent. However, the only significant drawback of this site is its unavailability at certain places in the world.

Therefore, you might need a VPN to access this website and enjoy the latest animes hassle-free.

11. Watchop

One Piece is the longest-running anime in history. With nearly 1000 episodes and 98 volumes of manga, One Piece is still going strong after 24 years. This evergreen series has attracted a huge crowd base not only to itself but to anime in general. Watchop is a platform dedicated to One Piece.

It is a great interface for One Piece fans to come together and celebrate the beauty of anime. Watchop also streams other anime shows and provides an orderly list of episodes for you to follow.

12. Animetake

Animetake has a neat and straightforward web page. The interface is extremely user-friendly and the website provides a lot of useful tabs and filters. The developers regularly update the content and maintain the website efficiently. It’s a great alternative to Animefreak especially because of its easy connectivity and extensive content.

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Anime has reached a state of global popularity and is in high demand. Most of the online anime platforms face crowding due to excessive traffic which might lead to a slow watching experience filled with pauses and buffering stops.

That is why we have shortlisted 12 of the best platforms where you can stream animes smoothly. We suggest you try all of them out and choose your favorites. With these websites in the pocket, you can pretty much watch every anime show/movie out there.

However, it is also very important for you to invest in a good antivirus and a working VPN. The antivirus will help you combat any unwanted malware if installed and the Virtual Private Network will help you stream content not available in your area.

The VPN will also hide your IP address and provide additional security. Keeping these tips in mind, go ahead and experiment with the platforms.