9 Best Alternatives to Anilinkz in 2022

Anime is gaining a large amount of endorsement in recent years. Due to this, the number of anime websites has increased a lot. Users can easily find their favorite shows and movies quite easily. One such website is Anilinkz.

Its database is flooded with a large variety of anime content available in different languages. Nonetheless, this platform, like other free resources websites, has to deal with ever-changing status, and Anilinkz has just changed its domain name to Aniwatcher.

There may be a possibility that you may encounter some troubles while using the website. Meanwhile, the website’s largest flaw is the abundance of sudden pop-ups and invasive advertising. As a result, you may look for some other alternative options.

9 Best Alternatives to Anilinkz in 2022

The following are some of the hand-picked Anilinkz competitors that broadcast high-definition and large-scale anime streams in a clean and unobtrusive manner. You can give it a shot! Some of the widely used Anilinkz alternatives are:-

1. AnimeSimple

Anime simple is a great option when it comes to streaming anime free of cost. You can easily find your preferred anime seasons without any difficulty. Its homepage is well structured and flooded with a large variety of content.

The videos on Animesim feature proper English subtitles, allowing you to watch your favorite series and anime movies from anywhere in the globe.

2. AnimeTake

One of the platforms that will help you forget about Anilinkz is AnimeTake. One of the most striking aspects of this platform is that it offers high-quality films in a variety of quality, ranging from 720p to 360p.

Another feature that distinguishes AnimeTake from the competition is its user-friendly interface. You can use the alphabetical search to find videos and then check beneath each letter from A to Z to make your selection. On AnimeTake, you’ll also find several anime genres to help you find a good video to watch and enjoy.

3. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is yet another impressive website to stream anime without paying a penny. It also has enormous data to serve its users. The website is safe to visit and has an easy-to-use layout. Apart from that, you’ll appreciate the website’s color style.

All the content is available in high quality. You tap on the name fast and begin watching the episodes. The website also provides adequate information that can assist you in determining the appropriate genre.

Aside from that, you can just go straight to the episode you wish to watch. This is an excellent alternative; simply click the link to be redirected to the official website. You will be able to watch anime series in HD quality for free.

Furthermore, the platform is well-organized and simple to use. Another great feature of this site is that you may watch anime on the move on your mobile device because it works flawlessly on all platforms.

4. Nyaa Torrents

If you enjoy watching anime and downloading anime series, you may have come across NYAA. The website was an ideal option for downloading hundreds of episodes of anime free of cost without any difficulty. It served up resources ranging from Japanese TV series to Korean TV shows to its customers as a public torrent tracker.

It also had Asian content, making it very convenient to download and watch wherever you were. Users of NYAA were irritated because they couldn’t picture living without it. However, the truth is that several NYAA substitutes exist that do the same job as Nyaa Torrents.

NYAA is incredible. While it is true that no other website can really replace NYAA, life must go on. Without a doubt, NYAA was a well-known anime front-page website. Unfortunately, the website got down from the internet a few years ago. But you can still try its mirror sites which are easily available online.

However, if you still want to access the downloaded content, you may visit some other websites which are available online. Some websites may not be available for certain regions. In that case, you may try using a VPN

5. HorribleSubs

HorribleSubs has been the finest Anilinkz alternative without a question. The announcement regarding NYAA ceasing down can be seen on the website’s homepage. Horrible Subs provides similar content to Anilinkz, but it has the most user-friendly platform of any anime download site.

What’s more intriguing is that HorribleSubs publicly shows a warning concerning IP, stating that you must first mask your IP before downloading any material from the site, which we find quite helpful.

6. KissAnime

Kissanime is one of the most comprehensive collections of anime films, series, cartoon shows, and more; from romance to action to horror, Kissanime has it all. The development of platforms such as KissAnime has further strengthened the bond between manga readers and anime viewers. The idea is that KissAnime is a platform that no true anime fan would turn down.

It contains everything that makes anime pleasant to watch. The design is simple, and you may access a wide range of anime genres and new content on a regular basis. In short,  is still one of the tops because of its rapid streaming and frequent uploads of anime content. It’s astonishing to learn that KissAnime, one of the outlets that helped redefine anime, is no longer available.

7. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak website features a sizable animation database that includes a number of well-known anime programs. The filters available on the navigation menu can help in classifying animes, for example, ongoing anime, top-rated, entire anime list, genres, latest episodes of anime, and the most popular anime.

This website has both dubbed and subtitled anime. The high-quality streams are very enjoyable to watch. If there is one flaw, it is that the integrated advertisements on AnimeFreak are a bit annoying.

8. AnimeLand

AnimeLand is one of the most popular and greatest legal anime streaming websites on the internet. AnimeLand is a great place for anime lovers, including shows ranging from anime land, AnimeLand tv, to English dubbed anime, and anime English dubbed.

The AnimeLand website has a parallax scrolling user interface, and the experience was great because the user interface is simple to understand. This website has several characteristics, including the AnimeLand website logo on the upper left and text in an animated font. The AnimeLand website offers a variety of alternatives for finding your favorite anime movie series.

Users can utilize the search bar and menu options to find their favorite anime series online. Another feature in the menu known as our publications is provided by AnimeLand. In those periodicals, there are divisions called Anime Land, Anime Land X-tra, and Special Issue.

Chronicles is the AnimeLand Website’s fourth category. There are several subcategories in the chronicles area, such as Manga Chronicle and Animation Column. Records, In Records, is the sixth category on the Anime Land website. Other categories include Events, Interviews, and Personality of the Week.

The main benefit of the AnimeLand website is that it offers unrestricted streaming and advertising. Users may watch their favorite anime videos indefinitely without being bothered by advertisements. The AnimeLand website has several community categories for users to use, and anime fans can interact and write questions regarding the AnimeLand website, anime series etc.

Another advantage of AnimeLand is that it is completely free to use. Users can make use of the website from anywhere at any time. Users can utilize a Virtual Private Network (VPN) if they are unable to access this website in their country (VPN).

9. Masterani

Masteranime is another popular streaming option for watching anime in HD. The database of this website is flooded with a large number of content and allows users to watch their favorite anime series and movies without any trouble free of cost. Masteranime’s user interface merits special notes.

It’s simple and easy to understand, as well as attractive to the sight. One of its best features includes viewing the release dates of anime series episodes and movies. Users can easily get an idea about the date and arrival of their preferred anime from this website.


These are fantastic platforms for watching and downloading anime films. They will provide the same, if not better, experience as Anilinkz. Without a doubt, Anilinkz is a fantastic platform.

However, the fact that it produces plenty of popups and ads should not deter anyone from viewing anime. The platforms listed above aren’t merely the greatest Aniliknz substitutes available. But keep in mind that each one has its own distinct characteristics.

You can try any of these websites listed above to serve your craving for anime. All these websites listed are authentic and can be trusted fully. The existence of these websites has definitely produced a love for anime.

Since a large number of anime content are only available in Japan, foreign anime streamers find it a hard time searching for their favorite series. These websites are a savior for such people.