A. Lelior Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A young Israeli surfer, A. Lelior was born on April 29, 2000. She competed for Israel in the shortboard event at the 2020 Summer Olympics, where she placed seventeenth.

A. Lelior came from a Jewish household and was born in Tel Aviv. Eti Jacobi, an artist, and Yochai Lelior, a musician, are her parents.

As early as age five, she was introduced to the sport of surfing by her father on trips to the Tel Aviv coastlines along the Mediterranean.

Anat Lelior Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Noa Lelior, Anat’s younger sister, is also a professional surfer; in 2015, she opted to take the family to surfing events abroad in place of a Bat Mitzvah party.

Which catapulted Anat to a higher level of competition. Inbar and Shlomi Eyni own the Galim Surf Club in Lelior.

Surfer A. Lelior lonely Path to Tokyo Olympics from the Beaches of Tel Aviv

At the tender age of five, A. Lelior rode her first wave. Her career in the sport, which will culminate later this month at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, got off to a rocky start.

Her father, Yochai, pushed her and the board into a breaking wave at their local Tel Aviv beach. However, instead of soaring to a victorious landing on the beach, the board plummeted.

They lost their balance and the 8-foot long plastic and foam board launched into the air. When it came back around, it smacked A. Lelior in the head and sliced open his forehead.

On the other hand, A. Lelior showed no signs of alarm. She fell on the sand, bled all over, and then, after having stitches, begged to return to the beach.

Yochai escorted her back to the beach where the attack occurred, where the lifeguards made her tea while she sat bandaged and covered in stitches, watching the surf.

A. Lelior in Going Surfing For the Blue & White in Tokyo

Israeli surfer A. Lelior will compete in the women’s shortboard event at the next Olympic Games. A. Lelior, who was born in Tel Aviv.

Israel, picked up surfing at the tender age of five and hasn’t looked back. Noa Lelior, the younger sister of the 21-year-old, is also a surfer and a member of the Galim surfing club.

Anat, who is now serving in the Israeli Defense Forces, won the Deeply Pro Anglet, a WSL qualifying series race, in 2019.

At the 2019 ISA World Surfing Games in Miyazaki, Japan, A. Lelior finished as the highest ranked European surfer and as one of the top 30 ranked surfers in the overall open division.

Both of which qualified her for the Tokyo Olympics. The odds of A. Lelior shocking his Israeli fanbase at the Tokyo Olympics are high.


Because of his performance at the 2019 ISA World Surfing Games in Miyazaki, Japan, where he placed in the top 30 of the overall open division.

And as the highest-ranked European surfer (according to International Olympic Committee protocol, Israel is considered part of Europe).

A. Lelior has earned a spot to compete in the sport of surfing at the 2020 Summer Olympics.