A. Burghardt Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

During the summer of 2021, Tokyo 2020 Burghardt made his first appearance on the Olympics.

Tokyo 2020

In the women’s 4×100 m relay, she was part of a German team that finished fifth behind Rebekka Haase, Tatjana Pinto, and Gina Luckenkemper.

Following her victories in the 100- and 200-meter sprints in the German national championships last year.

A. Burghardt Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

In Tokyo 2020, Alexandra Burghardt will race in the 100m semi-finals.

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The Year 2022 will be held in Beijing

When PyeongChang 2018 gold medalist pilot Jamanka needed a new brake, Burghardt was called in to step in.

Before you go to Beijing, they finished fourth in the World Championships a year later and had two podium finishes.

Laura Nolte and Deborah Levi of Germany won silver medals in that category.

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Burghardt said he was “extremely grateful for this opportunity and for the trust that everyone exhibited in me, especially Mariama. It’s a joy to go sledding with her. I have no words.

But of course it wasn’t simple,” she said. Even so, both Mariama and I are well-versed in the art of freestyle. Even though we made the best of the situation, nothing turned out exactly as planned. Finally, we’ve here, and we’ve done well enough to take home some awards. We are overjoyed. Every step of the way was smooth and easy for us.”

It was Burghardt’s “major episode,” in the words of Jamanka, who described her silver-medal winning run with Burghardt. I felt more secure knowing I had a highly capable brake women backing me up.

When asked about his Olympic experience, Burghardt said: “This is pretty comparable, although the result. [in Beijing] is of course far better. “. We have a silver medal to show for our efforts. In short, it’s everything we’d hoped it would be.

Burghardt in Milano Cortina in the Year 2026? No, not at all…

Burghardt is eager to get back on the track to begin his running career as the winter season draws to a close.

However, she may be lured to compete in Milano Cortina in 2026?

“I don’t think so,” responds Burghardt. I’m a sports fanatic, and this summer I’m hoping to accomplish a number of huge goals.

“It was a fantastic experience for me. In addition to gaining invaluable life experience, I also got to know an incredible group of people. “However, I’ll be back on track in no time.”

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Last Words

When it comes to 100-meter sprints, one of those aims is to break the 11-second barrier after posting a personal best of 11.01 last season and possibly making it to finals at the July World Championships in Freestyle Sports in Oregon.