9Anime Alternatives to Watch High-Quality Anime

Watching Anime is one of the best ways to spend your leisure time productively. Anime watch never goes out of trend. It always satisfies anime lovers with the content. While talking about animes, 9anime website will definitely flash in one’s mind as this is one of the best websites to watch anime content online.

This website covers all genres and categories of people with various types of content. The genres include Horror, comedy, Romance, Sci-fi, Action, Thriller, Drama, and a lot more. It is quite difficult to find alternatives to this website. But we made it easy for you guys with a list of those alternative websites and their advantages.

Alternatives to 9 Anime Website

Here are some of the alternatives of the 9anime website to stream anime content online.

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1. ChiaAnime

It is mostly preferred by the people who know and speak English. This website has content in both dubbed and subbed versions. It has a wide variety of content available for its users. This website is FREE to use as it does not charge an amount from the users. This feature makes this website most loved among the other alternatives.

This website serves best for all age groups. It has many advertisements coming in-between content streaming which makes it look annoying sometimes.

2. OtakuStream

This website offers a wide option of shows for the users. It ensures the best safety for its users. It fulfills all your demands of content streaming. Thereby, making it feel like the best choice for the users.

By using this website, the users can spend their free time qualitatively by enjoying the wide range of content on the website. In addition, this website exhibits its safety by having a “secure socket layer” (SSL) certificate which indicates that it is safe to use the website.

3. KissAnime

The website is one of the well-known and popular among all websites of anime content. The website has various varieties of content on the web. It allows the users to stream content on High Definition (HD) quality. It is easy to use in long term usage period.

It allows FREE content streaming online with the quality as 240p, 720p, 1080p. Based on the users interest one can stream content online with any of these quality ranges.

4. AnimeFreak

If anyone wants to watch the English dubbed movies then, this is the best go to option for them. It has unlimited access to the available content on the website. It has complete series of episodes to stream. It also allows the users to customize content based on their needs, interests, and rankings.  It makes sorting easy for its users. This ensures the hustle-free kind of approach towards its users.

5. AnimeHeaven

This website is one of those websites that is known for its credibility criteria. It offers the users content from Japan. It also offers users to stream anime content online with High Definition (HD) quality.

Most of the movies on this website are available in dubbed versions, especially in the English language. It allows different categories of content streaming.

6. GoGoAnime

This website has a humongous database of content ranging from oldest of the old to newest of the new. It also has popular movies on its website as one of the sections. It has multiple servers for the movies to stream.

There are numerous servers to watch one content online. The reason for having multiple servers is that the users can access the content from one or the other source if in case one link gets failed.

This makes it outstanding in understanding and empathizing with the customer’s problems. These kind of features makes the website stand out and gain more traffic as compared to other websites.

7. AnimeFrenzy

It has the largest collection of databases on the web. This websites library features multiple American cartoon series. This website will suit all age groups of people as it has different kinds of content available to stream online.

This website has an option to highlight any kind of random suggestion which will help the users to view related content in the long-term usage period. In this way, this website saves the users time and effort in finding out the content to view. This makes it unique and out standing among various websites online.

8. AnimeDao

It serves best for the users who want to watch any completed series or any ongoing ones. It provides a single source to stream the anime content for the users. This will eliminate any kind of confusion arising in the user’s mind.

One of the unique features of the website is that it has space or room for the users to read some novels and Mangga series. This will surely lighten up the user’s mood and lift up their spirits and motivate them in order to strive for growth.

9. AnimeKarma

It has a huge catalog of anime series which will give an attractive interface to users. This will surely engage the users with the content available. It allows the users to stream anime content in High Definition (HD) quality.

The interesting feature of this website is that it displays the different movies’ information while streaming which is really useful. This feature makes the users sort the content easily and effortlessly. This website also offers a single server link to the users for content streaming.

10. AnimeXD

This website allows the users to stream anime content in High Definition (HD) quality. It has features like chatting with which the users can share their thoughts and ideas about other anime content or movies. This feature will create more engagement among active users.

This will create more information sharing among each other. This will add more advantages when used in a constructive way. In order to, it will clarify the preferences of watching movies by sharing such information.

11. AnimeLab

It has a vast collection of anime movies and video content. This website includes various genres by making it easy for the users to choose from. It also has a “secure sockets layer “(SSL) certificate which ensures the safety of the users at the primary stage.

Users security and safety is understood by this website and make it their priority to safeguard their information. This makes this website most trusted among other websites on the web.

This website makes it easy for the users to sort the content based on their interests and the variety of collections available on the website. This website is legal for viewing anime content online.

12. Crunchyroll

This website allows and encourages nonnative speakers to use it. The reason for the above statement is that it provides compulsory English dubbing for almost all the content available on the website. This feature makes it really simple and easy for the users to view and understand the content.

It allows 720p streaming quality of content which makes it comfortable for users and makes it a cool experience for them. It suggests the users link their email id with the user account to get more updates. This feature will surely help the users in long term.

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Watching anime content online is one of the best ways to enjoy and kill leisure and free time. 9anime is undoubtedly one of the best websites to watch anime content online for free. But there are some alternatives to the 9anime website which are listed above.

Each website has some advantages and disadvantages but, keeping aside all of those the above-mentioned alternatives will definitely serve the purpose of watching anime content online if the 9Anime website is not available for the users at any point in time.